The Travelista

The Travelista

The past ten days looked like this: photo shoot, business meetings, leadership summit, national conference presenter, audition, photo shoot. These events also had me traveling via air and road from Dallas to San Antonio to Austin to Ft. Worth to Dallas to Las Vegas to Austin to Dallas. The days began before 6:00 a.m. and my head didn’t hit a pillow until after midnight. I know everyone has varying details that make up similar days, and I’d like to share how I maintained a fit and fun lifestyle while traveling about the country and sustaining my A-game for my appearances and obligations.
Did you know it’s best to go to a photo shoot with dirty hair? To comply, I got to my hotel room one particular evening, tempted to order room service and catch up on whatever drama was happening on the E! Channel. I turned off that lazy portion of my brain and robotically unpacked my workout clothes and shoes, tied my hair back and drank a Spark drink.* Time to hit the stairwell. Most hotels have security guards monitoring the stairwells (if yours doesn’t, forgo this option unless you have a workout buddy) so I feel protected to connect with my inner-Rocky Balboa. Twenty minutes of running stairs is all you need, but for fun, I tacked on some lunges back to my room and push-ups, sit ups, and squats back at my room. After some stretching and deep-breathing work (and a protein shake and shower), I’m ready for dreamland.
Arising in the morning, I instantly feel the stair workout on my bum. Awesome soreness! Time for some dynamic stretching to wake my body up and wiggle away the soreness. I envision being a flexible, graceful ballet dancer. Then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror (bed head and all) and realize I need to get moving. Thankfully today’s shoot has a hair and makeup artist for me. Oh happy day it is when you’re greeted with someone who’s sole purpose that morning is to help you look your best. Kudos to at hose talented artists out there who are the world beautiful one tangled mess at a time.
Because I’m fit and feeling my best, I feel like I ease through the day’s challenges with spunk and pizzaz. How else are we to live out our days but with abundant joy and a grateful heart? At a dinner meeting, I am faced with finding the best nourishment option at a local steak house. Despite my carnivorous, Texan self, I opt for the premium omegas and healthy fat of the salmon. Once you prioritize fueling your body with nourishment it needs, making better choices in any social setting gets easier–promise! I decided to treat myself to one glass of wine. Hey, it’s all about leading a fit and FUN lifestyle. I’m just branding my business well.
I never leave home without my trusty bag of Advocare supplements, meal replacement shakes, fiber drink (travel has its negatives…), Spark, and snack bars. Preparation is key to maintaining control in any situation you encounter on the road or at home. It’s doesn’t take up a lot of room, and your health and wellness is worth it. Because I serve as a Wellness Advisor, I also bring samples to share with folks I meet during my journeys. This aside, I do enjoy finding a nice bistro or cafe with fresh fruit and oats for breakfast, a crisp, green spinach and strawberry salad for lunch, or fresh fish for dinner. (by the way, anyone free for lunch?) God intended for natural food sources to be our #1 wellness partner; however, our dear food processors and manufacturers had other plans for our natural resources. I digress… Be prepared for any situation.
About halfway through my week, I am desperate for a long, head-clearing, thought-provoking, outdoor run. Thankfully, I am in sunny Las Vegas and the strip provides entertaining people watching and miles of safe, flat, road. Anyone ever notice how the hotels seem so close until they’re not? Somewhere between Mandalay Bay and Caesar’s Palace, I feel strong, alive, and well enough to begin my day with vigor and excitement. On the way back to the hotel, I start to envision every meeting I have for the day ending in success. I’m the perfect blend of interesting and informative and everyone I meet is smiling and eager to work more with me. In my mind, I’m in charge and can be anything I want, right?
The day before I am set to fly home, I have one of the best sleeps of my life. We underestimate the importance of sleep. Even if you have to go without an adequate amount for a few days, schedule a nap or a sleep-in night every few days. I know my mom friends want to swat me right now, as sometimes the luxury doesn’t exist. All I ask is that you try to find some time to re-energize and re-connect to your health and wellness. Your cells rejuvenate during slumber, but you have to slumber to start this process. Also, cat naps do as much good as getting the extra hours in all at once. Just do your best to rest regularly. You’ll be a better person, wife, mom, co-worker, and friend because of it.
Since I have a long flight home, I decide to get in one more workout. This one is a boot camp type, cardio and strength, kick-your-butt for 45 minutes workout. I use some favorite fitness instructors downloaded onto my laptop from DVDs purchased. (If you purchase the DVD, you can download for personal use!) Don’t mistake the challenge of a hotel room workout. I was dripping with sweat at the end, with heart-pumping clarity that I worked my body over. Time to go home. Thankfully, it’s an up-do, light makeup, jeans and a bling-t-shirt kind of day.
I hope some of my busy lifestyle tips helped you! Thanks for reading my blog,

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