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March 3, 2013

Healthy Housewives Welcome Loren Silas!

Healthy Housewives New Cast Member Loren Silas

Healthy Housewives New Cast Member Loren Silas

Hey HH family, friends, and fans,

I am proud to announce the Healthy Housewives are excited to welcome Loren Silas as one of the official cast members! She is an amazing wife, hard working mom to a beautiful little girl, an athlete, and now a Healthy Housewife. For those of you who are catching up with us, Loren is our January HH of the month.

You can read all about her here:

I first met Loren when she came to me for training. I instantly connected with her fun bubbly energy. She had so many amazing qualities that I was super impressed with her right off the bat. She is an ex-track athlete and just missed qualifying for the Olympic trial in the heptathlon. She trains like a machine in the gym and has a great competitive nature. From watching her train hard on our workouts, I was super impressed with her strength. She is a natural athlete. We always change up her workouts to challenge her.

I learned that she competed in her first bikini fitness competition 7 months after having her baby and won! WOW! I knew she was a determined woman. She also works full time. She juggles her career in medical sales and a family with a smile. I knew she had what it takes to be a Healthy Housewife. I asked her if she was interested in being our January Healthy Housewives of the month and she immediately said “Yes, I need a goal to works towards!” She had 2 months to train for her big cover shoot. The January cover is the New Year’s cover which meant she had to still be on her toes through the holidays to look her best in a bikini.

She always showed up to her workouts at 6 am with a smile, never complained, and always ready to take on a new workout challenge. When she arrived for her shoot that day, the smiley bubbly Loren was so professional and exactly the same attitude at her shoot. She kept us laughing with her fun loving goofiness all day. She had a great time through the whole shoot.

Loren Silas's Healthy Housewives Cover

Loren Silas’s Healthy Housewives Cover

See her photo shoot video here:

After getting to know her more, she shared the same passion as the Healthy Housewives, her love of health, fitness, and family. Her dream is to be a sports host. She loves her sports! She starts hosting school this week and I have no doubt that Loren will make this dream of hers come true with her determination.

Loren's dream is to host a sports show.

Loren’s dream is to host a sports show.

I asked her to join the cast because she brings a unique perspective to our group. All the Healthy Housewives loved her instantly. You guys will love her too.

She will be blogging with the HH weekly, so stay tuned for her blogs. She was a guest blogger for us earlier this year that it was such a great hit with you ladies, she hit record numbers for us on our blog! She still holds the record for the most hits on our blogs! Go Loren!

Here is the blog we are talking about:

We hope you love her as much as we do. We are really lucky to have her as part of the cast.

Please give a warm welcome and introduce yourself to Loren Silas.

Thank you,
Marzia Prince