Why your Skin Needs a Workout.


At my skincare practice, The Skin Studio, one of the lines I carry is Rhonda Allison. Their professional products offer the purest, quality skin nutrition for daily home use and the most effective, safe, result oriented professional treatments available. Always looking to nature for inspiration, Rhonda blends the best of active natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compound to create a synergy of superior professional treatments and customized home care products that will transform the condition of your skin. “No Animal Testing only Human Testing.” The Rhonda Allison Company and its affiliates are environmentally aware of the planet and endeavor to GO GREEN whenever possible.
I’m so excited to announce the new 2013 Signature Facial!
Here’s all,the juicy details as explained by Rhonda Allison herself.

For 2013 we’re focusing on exfoliation and infusion – exfoliating dead layers and infusing the skin with the antioxidants – with our signature facial aptly named Antiox Ex-Fusion. This treatment begins with the Liquid Enzyme Peel, a very unique exfoliant that combines an enzyme (papain) with low-strength acids in a liquid delivery. This is a fast-acting formula that works to dissolve and exfoliate keratin, yet does not require heat to do so. Upon removal skin is stimulated, and much smoother and polished.
Exfoliation is taken a step further with the Derma Peel, which when applied goes through changes with the skin as it works. Initially it starts as a gel, becomes liquefied, then forms a bond with the keratin to create a mild granular exfoliation.
To nourish the skin, L-ascrobic acid in the C-Peptide Complex strengthens, rebuilds and protects the skin. Antioxidants from grape seed extract, resveratrol, vitamin E, and omega-6 EFAs further support the regeneration process.
Skin will glow and feel instantly firmer with the potent dose of peptides and antioxidants that work to tone the skin and provide relief from free-radical damage. The blend of exfoliating, peptide and antioxidant ingredients along with the heating (warm compress) and cooling (Ice Globe facial massage) create the perfect facial workout.
Continuing the care at home
To keep clients on track with their new skin fitness program, send them home with a good cleanser, antioxidant and nutrient-rich serums, and a good protection formula. This might include:
Pumpkin Cleanser – antioxidant nutrition boosted with L-lactic acid
C-Peptide Complex – a powerful blend of L-ascorbic and collagen-building peptides
Antioxidant Complex Serum – firming, toning, moisture-binding, and antioxidant support
Growth Factor Serum Plus – enhances regeneration, healing and hydration
Eye Revitalizer – brightens, tightens and hydrates the eyes with beneficial peptides and nourishing ingredients
eZinc Protection Cream – zinc oxide, red algae, white ginger and green tea provide antioxidant support, hydration, UV protection and healing benefits
Grape Seed Parfait Mask – this can be used once per week with the Grape Seed Hydrating Serum to infuse the skin with resveratrol and vitamin E to tone and soothe the skin.

Experience all this and more. Visit theskinstudioonline.com for details and to book your appointment online.
Shelly Mac Klein

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