Cute and Safe Kid Dishes

This week I have another blog geared to the little ones in our lives. Just last week I had my kitchen cabinets painted. They were stained dark wood and now they are a creamy white! I’m thrilled and have fallen in love with my house all over again! But before the joy there was the deep pain of emptying every drawer and every cabinet. How in the world have I accumulated so much stuff? I decided to take my time putting everything away so it will be neat, clean and well organized. Through the process I am discarding anything that has not been used and getting rid of all duplicates.

Whew… what a chore that was but not nearly as daunting as the task of sorting through my daughter’s dishes. She has snack cups, snack bowls, sippy cups, water bottles, drinking cups, food storage containers for lunch and bowls and plates in every theme and color. There is a lot of stuff! As I eyed the huge pile of dishes, it hit me …all of her dishes are BPA free plastic and melamine and almost all of them are not made in the US. To see the whole pile is very unsettling especially realizing that best practices are not always maintained when manufacturing out of the U.S and all the health hazards associated with plastic.


I decided to recycle the whole mess and spent the remainder of the week researching alternatives. I researched safer materials including glass, stainless steel, bamboo and silicone. I also looked for lines that were BPA free, PVC free, phthalate free, lead free and melamine free. So maybe it’s your turn to clean out the kitchen cabinets and start over. Here are some great products I found that pose no health risks to the little ones.


Kidishes are a great option to plastic and traditional glass dishware. These dishes are tempered glass plates, bowls and glasses manufactured by the French company Duralex. Tempered glass is much stronger than standard glass. When it does break, it doesn’t break into sharp shards, but rather into smaller pieces, decreasing the risk of being cut. Kidishes are 100% recyclable, dishwasher safe and reasonably priced. and

Brinware Dishes

Brinware is a line of silicone and tempered glass plates that offers an alternative to plastic tableware. Their tableware products are made with the safest proven materials available including food-grade silicone and tempered glass that make these dishes microwave and dishwasher safe! Brinware is dedicated to making safe, cute and responsibly built products that you and your kids will love. They offer glass plates that come paired with a patent-pending interchangeable silicone sleeve that helps to protect the plate and add slip resistance. They also have a line of silicone placemats that are easy to clean and won’t retain odors. Plus, they can easily be rolled up and taken along with you on the go!


Silisipper from the BeKindKidshop
This wonderful cup replaces plastic sippy cups. It’s a tempered glass tumbler with a 100% food grade silicone training top that snaps onto the glass easily and stays put. The tumbler lids are valve free and spout free, allowing your child to learn how to correctly sip from the glass rather than suck. This makes the transition to using a cup with out a lid much smoother. Also, there are no small sippy parts and pieces to get lost. The tumbler is Free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, and lead. The lid and glass are both dishwasher and microwave safe (which I never use) and can also be put in the freezer. This online retailer also carries a full line of tempered glass dishes.

Heath Ceramics

Your child can eat their fruits and veggies on fruit and veggie-inspired dinnerware designed for small hands. Start with the Veggie set – a cup in carrot orange, a bowl in zest yellow, and a plate in green peas. The set is unbreakable.

Other Resources



images is a great resource for kid dishware. They have adorable and functional dishware sets that are specifically made for both toddlers and kids. They carry lines of tempered glass, 18/8 stainless steel and silicone for safe dining. All of their lines are BPA free, PVC free and lead free.


HAPPY SHOPPING!!!! Kathy, Fit Fashionista!



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