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January 29, 2013

Family photos

Family photos are often a treasured item that last a lifetime. Except for my family, the stress of coming up with what we wanted to do for them stopped us from doing them. I didn’t want the kind of photos you see on that site awkward family photos (if you ever need a good laugh and have a few free minutes, you should totally check it out. We are not the blue jeans, white shirt, barefoot, walking hand in hand in the forest kind of family (and if that is your family, that is totally cool and I bet your photos are amazing, that is just not us).

So my husband kept saying, “think of something honey!” I went on Pinterest, and I asked my friends on Facebook, but nothing felt right. I saw some pretty cool ideas on Pinterest (a social media tool I am finally start to use more…did you know the HH have a Pinterest account now? So I finally just said, “everybody get dressed in whatever!” I figured, let’s just let our personalities shine through and see what happens. 

We went to a park near our house and did just that. Bianca was throwing sticks and we were yelling (you know, gentle encouraging) at her to put them down. Adrianna was throwing out ideas that totally involved her being the center of attention (not sure where she gets that from! just kidding). I was ticked off because it was windy and my hair was messing up, and Jason kept reminding me to chill out. The photographer just kept clicking. And what we got were some of the most awesome, authentic, shots of our family. We even did one with our phones (as an inside joke of how hard it is to unplug these days) and one pretending to be zombies (our families obsession). 

So what is the point of this article? To remind you to be you. When you look back twenty years from now on your family photos, do you want to see stiff hands, in genuine smiles, and looks of terror as your family is posed awkwardly? Or, do you want to be able to look at that picture, tilt your head back and smile, easily being brought back to that moment in time?

Family photos don’t have to be painful. In fact, they should be just the opposite!ImageImageImage