Whiter Teeth in a Flash


If you’ve been considering whitening your teeth but haven’t done the deed yet, consider this, “Since teeth naturally yellow as we age, whitening them will automatically make you look younger”, says Kim Harms, DDS, a practicing dentist and a spokesperson for the American Dental Association. What’s more, a 2008 Columbia University Study found that women with healthier-looking teeth earn more than those with less sparkling grins. Sign me up!

So let’s look at the different options out there and what’s best for you. Whiteners work in gel, strip, or liquid form to dissolve surface stains on your teeth. The enamel of your teeth is extremely porous and absorbs pigments from food and drinks. Peroxide bubbles on those surfaces and lightens those pigments.

If you have certain kinds of dental work, i.e. veneers, caps, or crowns, remember lighteners will not penetrate those surfaces. Likewise, stains caused by antibiotics, and tetracycline are also very hard to remove, so see your dentist. They will know which methods are best for you.

At home kits
Easiest to use: Rembrandt Whitening Strips $24 for 7 sets, drugstore.com, results in 4 days

Slide the thin plastic film over your teeth and let the peroxide soak in for 30 minutes once a day. Users said they are comfortable to wear, and there’s no goop to ooze out. However, they can cause sensitivity on gums, but it went away in a couple of days. Also, the flavor wasn’t the

Biggest change: GoSmile Advanced Formula $89 for 20 ampoules, sephora.com, results in 2 days
Pop open the ampoule and swab on the whitening formula twice a day-no rinsing or brushing. One tester said she couldn’t even tell the whitener was on her teeth.

Fastest: Aquafresh White Trays $40 for 7 sets, Walgreens.com, results in 1 day
Pre filled trays are slipped over your teeth for 30-45 minutes once a day. Users said the treatment is convenient, and the gel doesn’t taste bad.

If you see a pro:
The whitening agents salons and dentists use are 3times more powerful than home versions, and you’ll see results faster. For a dramatic change consider laser whitening. First, rubber guards are placed over the gums to protect from sensitivity. Then teeth are coated with a bleaching agent and a light is aimed at them to activate the gel. The entire procedure lasts about an hour and could whiten your teeth 6-8 shades in one visit and cost about $249.
Good luck ladies! Share with us what has worked for you.

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