The HH at the Dallas SAG award party.

The HH at the Dallas SAG award party.

Hey HH family!

I hope all is well. Here in HH land, we are busy working away to bring you a successful 2013. We have been working like crazy to get the new website up, a book, and even a monthly column is a popular health & fitness magazine! Let me share some of our fun endeavors we have coming up…

New HH website!

New HH website!

Website: Our new website will be very user friendly. We will have all kinds of new blogs, post, fitness videos, health tips videos, products, and much more. My web designer and I have worked really hard on it and can’t wait to share it with you! (I have been wanting to launch a new site for about a year now and I am finally accomplishing it.) It should be done in a few weeks, I will keep you posted so make sure to check back.

Debbie-the owner of Natural Muscle Magazine

Debbie-the owner of Natural Muscle Magazine

Monthly column in Natural Muscle Magazine: The Healthy Housewives will have a 2 page mnthly column in Natural Muscle Magazine. As some of you know, I am a contributing writer for Natural Muscle magazine. I have a  page GO GREEN column. Writing about health and fitness is a passion of mine and I am alwasy excited to share my health tip with you. I was estatic when Debbie, the owner of Natural Muscle Magazine, suggested we change up my column up a bit to include my new Healthy Housewives brand. I thought that was a genius idea to include my HH ladies so we can share our health tips with you. All 5 of us will be sharing our tips with you starting in March 2013 this year! You can go to www.naturalmuscle.net to subcribe or see where they carry the magazine near you. Here is our specialties-

Marzia: Fitness and Nutrition

Shelly: Beauty and Skincare

Brooke: Health & Wellness and Pets

Kathy Hamilton: Fashion

Danielle Hinson: Family Health

The Healthy Housewives

The Healthy Housewives

Book: We are in the process of writing a book/cook book. We are 5 different women with 5 different healthy lifestyles. Not one healthy lifestyle is better than the other. We do what works for us, with the resources we have, at that moment in time. We do our best to be healthy for ourselves, our family, and the planet. We give your favorite meals an eco-friendly make over while giving you personal tips from our daily lives. We are a new breed of housewives!

We have so much more coming that I can’t just spill all the beans just yet. But, I want to let you know that you won’t be dissapointed!

Thank you for being a part of the HH family. We welcome all your feed back! Thank you for coming along our journey!

Looking forward to a fun filled year!



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