It starts with food….

My little Bianca is what I love to call  a “hot mess”…which means she constantly has the wiggles. She cannot sit still, and I am not exaggerating. She spins when she walks, and jumps on the furniture, has no inside voice, and often looks like she has major ants in her pants at all times. So, what do we do? This not something I foresee her growing out of…some days its really frustrating. She does pretty well in school, but I know she could do better if she could focus. But, I will not put my child on medicine. I just won’t…and if you do, that is your parental decision, and I don’t judge you…but for me, its not something I am willing to do. So …now what?

Well, It starts with food…literally. I am going to make my child my own guinea pig. I am going to do the Whole30 with her to see if removing certain things from her diet can help her function better with more focus and less “wiggles”. If you are not familiar with the Whole30, then a great book for you to pick up would be the title of this blog, It Starts With Food. You can also check out their website at

This book is literally changing my view on they way we have been eating in my household, and even though I have been eating “healthy” has really opened my eyes to some of the things that go on within our family. From Bianca’s energetic behavior, to my husband’s need for late night snacking, to even my own inability to turn off my brain at night before I go to sleep.

So here is my  challenge to you. Would you be interested in joining me and Bianca (eventually my husband and our older daughter Adrianna will go through it too, but I want to focus on just Bee and me at first) for thirty days of a life changing experience? If so, let me know via our Healthy Housewives Facebook page.  I will create a private facebook group for us to communicate in and will let you know step by step day by day what you need to do…and then perhaps you can be one of our guest bloggers when its complete to let all the HH fans know your results and what you discovered about yourself and your body.


I am excited for this LIFE CHANGING experience….the question is, will you join me?

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