What’s on your Nightstand?

I’ve always been proud to say I’m a pretty organized person. There’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. But I have to say, I have a dirty little secret.

My nightstand is a disaster! watch this video.

So what things do you really need at your bedside table? Think of the things that you mill around the house using before you go to bed. Put a small box on your nightstand and put those things in the box as you use them. At the end of the week you’ll know what you need on your bedside table or in those drawers  every night.

So I cleaned out my nightstand and this is what I have on top and in the drawer.
On the table I have a plant and the picture of my sister who is pregnant right now. It reminds me to think about her and to text her and ask how she’s feeling. Also a coaster for my water or tea, And my iPad and iPhone connection. Since I use my iPhone for my alarm and don’t need an alarm clock.


In the drawer I have my lip and foot balm, earplugs, throat lozenges, sleep number remote(I’m 45 my husband is 100), and the books for whatever I’m reading or studying at the moment, yoga toe separators, golf ball, and lavender eye pillow, One pen and one pencil As I have realized I only use one at a time and I don’t need five or six.


Hopefully it will stay this way!

Here are a few more pics of some really cute nightstand ideas.




Have fun, personalize it and make it your own. Send us your nightstand pics!

Xoxo gossip girl

(I always wanted to do that)

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