Family Game Night

Its so hard to stay connected in a world where we are so digitally connected. So not only is dinnertime a big deal at our house, so is family game night. And no, I don’t mean where we get on the Xbox or the Ipad and play video games, I mean where we bust out some classic board games turn off the tv and just enjoy each others company. My family loves Trouble, Monopoly (we just got the new debit card edition for Christmas), Catch Phrase, Sorry, Jenga, and Yahtzee. We sit around the table and pick on each other, trash talk, but most importantly , have fun. We teach our kids how to not be sore losers, how to play fair, how to play by the rules, how to wait for your turn, how to count spaces, dice, money, etc. There is such great value in playing games even deeper than the bonding time spent in an age where its so easy to get sucked into the digital vortex. 


So what else do we really enjoy? DANCE time…yep, you guessed it, turn off the tv, turn up the tunes and just go for it. Dance like no one is watching. We clap, and hoot and holler, and pretend like its a club in our house. Everyone gets exercise, laughs, smiles, and again, enjoys time together as a family. 

Can you make a commitment to me and to your family to unplug once a week and enjoy some good, wholesome, clean cut , family fun together than involves nothing with an i in front of it! No iphones, no ipads, no ipods, nothing but family!!! I promise you, that those will be the times your kids remember the most fondly of their childhood when they reflect back. ImageImage

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