Oh what a feeling….

This past Saturday I was recognized by the CEO of Beachbody for being a top 10 Elite Coach for 2012. You are probably thinking….so what, big deal! Well…let me explain what that means, and why I am so excited and really wanted to share this with my Healthy Housewives family today. Beachbody is the company that produces at home workout programs like P90X, Insanity, Turbofire, and Brazil Butt Lift, as well as produces a line of supplements and nutritional products like Shakeology. Late at night you might have seen some of our infomercials on televison…oh, and you may have even seen me and my abs on the one for Insanity! Beachbody helps people all over live healthier, more fulfilling lives with our products and programs.

So, now that you know who Beachbody is, what does the fact that I am a top 10 Elite mean? It means that out of 100,000 Beachbody coaches (people who go help others lose weight, get fit and healthy with Beacbody) I ranked number 5! What does that mean…it means yes, I am fifth in the company…but it also means that I helped A LOT of people get healthier in 2012. Which is AMAZING, because that is what I love to do most….help others realize how important they are so that they can live longer, be healthier, feel happier and be around longer for their friends and family.

This is not a chance for me to toot my own horn, even though I am proud of myself, this is a chance for me to share my true passion in life with you…helping others. Through the Healthy Housewives I also now have another medium to do that with. As your family health expert I am here to help you and your family so I want to know….what can I do to best serve you.

I would love for you to send me your questions…your topics…your questions…your concerns…so I know how to best help you! Reach out to me through our FB page or through our website and I will use your topics in discussion or my next blog post.

feel free to send me your questions to danielle@healthyhousewives.com to get your topic into my next discussion!



2 Comments to “Oh what a feeling….”

  1. Congrats! I’ve been a big fan on facebook for a while and your passion is obvious. And contagious! Way to go! You SHOULD be proud. 🙂

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