Healthy Housewives Help Out the Frisco Food Pantry


Healthy Housewives Help Frisco food Pantry

Healthy Housewives Help Frisco food Pantry

Hey Healthy Housewives!

Hope yáll are having a great start to 2013. 1 week down and 51 more weeks to go. Stay strong peeps! Time seems to fly by so fast these days. Before you know it will be 2014. YIKES! Time to enjoy every minute of this year.

Speaking of enjoying life. Charity work really changes a person. It really puts things in a different perspective. I wanted to blog about helping your neighborhood food pantry out. The Healthy Housewives and I decided we wanted to commit to charity work while we spread our love of health and fitness. We have been hitting a different charity a month so far. Last month was visiting the residents at Juliette Fowler Homes for the holidays, this month was the Frisco food pantry.

The job that the Healthy Housewives had were to throw away expired cans of food. Let me tell you, they had a ton of canned foods. We were in charge of the tomato section. We were scheduled to work for 4 hours that day. We made most of that 4 hours and got our job done. (That is a lot of canned tomatoes in 4 hours!) We are masters of expiration dates. Everytime I see canned food to this day, I will probably looking at the expiration date. LOL!

I learned that summer time is a slow time for them to receive food. Holiday season is when they receive the most. I will be definitely helping them out in the summer. I also learned that hygeine products and home cleaning products were hot commodities that they don’t get enough of. So, I will be donating products as well.

I want to bring awareness to this wonderful organization and what they have to offer. Please do research on your city to see how you can help. You can donate time, money, food, or products. Your city needs it! If you live in Frisco please check it out:

Thank you for reading my blog!

Have a great 2013. It’s going to be a great year, I can feel it!



One Comment to “Healthy Housewives Help Out the Frisco Food Pantry”

  1. That’s awesome. Good for you!! Walk the walk. 🙂

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