Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013. I am excited to be the first blog of the new year. So what should we talk about? Resolutions? NAH! I know you are setting goals. Let’s talk about the gym! Hey, we are the Healthy Housewives right?! If you are a gym rat (I used to be, but now actually I do a lot of my workouts at home), then you know January at the gym can be a nightmare! There will be tons of new people at the gym…their New Years Resolution was to get fit and healthy, so there they are taking up your parking space and your favorite treadmill. Here are some tips for January at the gym:

1. Get there early: if your favorite class starts at 10, get there at 9:30. Group exercise classes are always popular for resolutioners and your spot in the room might be taken if you don’t get there with time to spare. Also, if you are bringing your kids, the kids club line might be long.

2. Be friendly: a lot of people are completely clueless of typical gym etiquette and may just need a friendly face to tell them where the locker room is, or how to re-rack the weights. Instead of getting frustrated, try to think back to your first time at the gym and offer a helping hand.

3. Change up your routine: you may find it harder to get your workout in as efficiently if all the machines are being used…you may just want to come in at a different time or work a different circuit to maximize your efforts.

4. Be patient….by mid February a lot of the resolutioners will have given up on their new goal. Only the serious and dedicated will make it and the gym will eventually thin back out.


One Comment to “Happy New Year!”

  1. I love that you always emphasize kindness…great out look and messages to share! I workout at home but Im going to pass this on to some friends 🙂

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