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December 15, 2012

Veggie Christmas Tree

Nice veggie tree online

Hi, there, HH Family and Friends! It’s Brooke here. Are you looking for a show-stopping appetizer for your holiday parties or for Christmas dinner? I have a great solution for you . . . a Veggie Christmas Tree! Now, for those of you who are craft-challenged like I am, just take a deep breath and relax. I worried about making this little masterpiece all week long, and when I finally got to it, this project was surprisingly easy and fun. This is also a great way to involve your kiddos in your kitchen festivities. Here is the link that I got my instructions from: I had too many veggies (is that possible?), so I adjusted the amount of broccoli, etc. from the recipe online.

What You Need

-For this project, you will need some craft items and plenty of fresh veggies.
-I used 8″x3″ green Styrofoam cone, for a just over 12″ tall finished tree, so the shopping list will work for this size tree.
-If you want a smaller or larger tree, just adjust your groceries accordingly.

Craft Items:
– Styrofoam cone – approx. 8”x3″
– small disposable veggie tray (you will be hot gluing the tree to the tray, so plastic, disposable works best BUT you could forego the glue and just set the tree on a nice dish, too)
– hot glue gun & glue sticks (optional)
– flat toothpicks
– round wooden skewers (optional)
– Linzer tart cookie cutter (for tiny star shape cutter)
– wire cutter or strong scissor (to cut skewers)

Grocery List:
– 2 large bunches Broccoli
– 1 large Broccoliflower
– 1 large Cauliflower
– 1+ Red Bell Pepper (depending if you would like to serve extra on the side)
– 1+ Yellow Bell Pepper (depending if you would like to serve extra on the side)
– 1 package cherry tomatoes
– 1 jar cocktail onions
– 1 bag of baby carrots

STEP 1 – Hot glue your Styrofoam cone to your plastic tray (optional). This makes a stable base and makes transportation very easy.STEP 2 – Cut your Broccoli, Cauliflower and broccoliflower into dipping sized pieces. Sizes should vary but shouldn’t be too large or too small.

STEP 3 – Attach your broccoli and broccoliflower to the cone with ROUND toothpicks, grouped in clusters, with larger pieces at the bottom and graduating up to the top. Don’t worry if there are small holes in your design, they will be filled in later with carrots and other decorations.

When you get to the top, and toothpicks are not long enough, cut skewers with a wire cutter or strong scissor to pick your veggies into place until you achieve a perfect tree shape.

STEP 4 – Cut 1 red pepper and 1 yellow pepper into dipping size strips. Tuck the ends of those strips into the tree, in a spiral, starting at the top and spiraling down to the bottom. Tuck a carrot in next to them to hold them in if needed. No toothpicks needed, here.

STEP 5 – Poke carrot sticks intermittently in holes between the broccoli and broccoliflower florets. No toothpicks needed.

STEP 6 – Use FLAT toothpicks to secure cherry tomatoes and cocktail onions to the tree. Poke small side all the way through onion or tomato. Press tomato or onion into tree.

STEP 7 – Cut out stars with small linzer tart cookie cutter from 1 yellow pepper. Save 1 large piece to hand cut 1 larger star for top, or make a paper stencil or use a larger cookie cutter if you’d like for large star.

Secure stars with toothpicks poked and secured right in broccoli pieces.

STEP 8 – Fill tray base with cauliflower.

STEP 9 – Refrigerate until serving. I spritzed it with water and covered with Press ‘N Seal, and it still looked completely fresh the next day!

Dips to Go With the Tree

You can also offer a selection of healthy dips for your guests to enjoy as they dismantle the tree. Hummus makes a wonderful, protein-rich dip for raw veggies. And if you think hummus tastes only slightly more interesting than wallpaper paste, you need to follow me! Here are two of my favorites:

Baby Zach’s Spicy Smoked BBQ Hummus—I mark the start of my love affair with hummus the day I tasted this. All of Baby Zach’s hummus blends are creative, vegan (and gluten-free), and delicious. You will be SO glad you tried it. Here’s the link:

Eat Well Enjoy Life’s Spicy Yellow Lentil Hummus (with Sunflower Seeds and Apricots)—If you like your food tricked up and awesome tasting, you have to try this gem. Eat Well Enjoy Life has a number of great hummus blends, which are also vegan and gluten-free. They will change your opinion of healthy snacking, I promise! Here’s the link:

The Finished Product

My version of veggie tree

Well, mine didn’t turn out quite as lovely as the one shown at the beginning, but no matter. I still had fun putting it together, and you will too. Good luck and healthy holidays to you!



December 15, 2012

1st Annual Healthy Holiday Party!


Happy Holidays Housewives!

The holiday season is in full effect and that means time for holiday parties! The past few years, I have thrown holiday parties and have grown to love the hosting part. There is so much preparation that goes on behind the scenes from buying the food, decorations, and table settings that it could be overwhelming. Having a plan surely helps. It takes a few parties to get it down, but once you do, you will throw a great party and enjoy the process!

This year we had our 1st annual healthy holiday party at our beauty expert’s, Shelly Mac, home. So Shelly and I were the host this year. We were using her house and my party planning expertise. We had so much fun planning that the party was absolutely perfect!

Shelly Mac as a sexy santa host!

Shelly Mac as a sexy santa host!

An experience host knows that the most memorable dinners have more in common than just good food and great company. I love a fancy table setting with fresh flowers, candles, and nice tableware. This presentation makes a statement when your guests sit down to eat. Hearing your guests compliment the table makes all the hard work and effort worth it.

Our holiday table setting

Our holiday table setting

Shelly and I greeted our guest at the door and welcomed them with a glass a wine as we made our final preparations to the food. To make the party more special we decided each Healthy Housewife would be in charge of a part of the menu. I love when guest take part of a party! It makes it more fun for everyone. Our menu looked like this:

Brooke- (appetizers) Veggie Christmas tree with a few different dips

Marzia- (main meal) Vegan meatloaf with gravy and wine selection

Danielle-(side dish) Sweet potato casserole

Shelly-(side dish) Acorn squash

Kathy- (dessert) Pumpkin  chia pudding

Sandy-(dessert) Santa berries

Also, Shelly came up with a great cocktail to toast to. It’s called a pointsetta. It is champagne with some cranberry juice. We used POMS cranberry cherry juice. Our bubbly drink had the right taste of sweetness. I brought a few different types of wine as well for the dinner part. I brought an old favorite called the Chocolate Shop. (A friend introduced it to me last Christmas.) It a sweet red wine with a taste of chocolate. Also, I couldn’t help myself and I bought a wine because the label had “Housewife” in it. Why not! We also had a couple white wine selections as well. We got all these selections at our local Krogers.

Christmas Cocktails

After our guest had a cocktail in their hand we brought out some fun little party outfits for the kitchen. I had bought some elf and santa hat headbands with matching aprons. We are a fun group and we rocked our kitchen outfits!

Kathy Hamilton and Shelly Mac in thier Christmas kitchen wear

Kathy Hamilton and Shelly Mac in thier Christmas kitchen wear

We all had a great time preparing our healthy feast and enjoying each others company. We love to joke around and catch up with each other’s busy lives. The holiday party was flawless as we wrapped up the party with a gift exchange.

The gift table

The gift table

When the party was over, all the housewives pitched in to help each other clean up. We said our goodbye’s and it was time to turn in. I am really blessed to have met a great group of women who are positive role models for many women out there. We are a tight knit group who are eager to change the world for the better and share the same vision. I am grateful that these type of women exsist in today’s world!

The BEST group of women hands down!

The BEST group of women hands down!

The 2012 healthy holiday party was a HUGE success. Looking forward to our next adventure together. Love these ladies!

My next blog will have all our recipes and the images.


December 15, 2012

Happy and Safe Howlidays!

sweet doxy

Hi, there! This is Brooke, your pet-loving gal here. The holidays are in full swing, and you are probably up to your eyebrows in things to do, cookies to bake, and cards to send—I know I am! Here are some tips on keeping your cherished pets safe and happy during this festive season.

Christmas Trees

This is an example of a bad kitty!

This is an example of a bad kitty!

  1. Make sure to anchor your trees from adventurous kitties that climb and dogs with crazily wagging tails—you don’t want all your hard work “decking” the tree to come crashing down in the middle of your eggnog!
  2. If you have a live tree, keep your animals from drinking the tree water, which may be full of pesticides as well as bacteria from the stagnant water. Ingestion of these nasty things can cause diarrhea, nausea, and upset stomach.
  3. Regardless of whether your tree is real or artificial, be sure to clean up the dropped needles often. Curious pets will eat those needles faster than you can say “No, don’t—!“ They are toxic and will cause vomiting, even if fake (trust me on this).
  4. Do not leave pets unattended with the Christmas tree, if possible. A fully decorated tree comes stocked with all kinds of dangerous “toys”:
    • Hot light strands can burn or electrocute dogs or cats, which have a tendency to chew on things. Keep light strands secured and covered or away from the lower levels of the tree.
    • Be sure to put glass or metal ornaments higher up on the tree, and watch for broken ornaments with sharp hooks or attachments—little paws can easily step on these items.
    • Tinsel may be beautiful, but it’s a big no-no, especially for cat households. Cats will ALWAYS find stringy, dangly items, and tinsel (along with other strings or wires) can be ingested and can get tangled in the stomach or intestines, leading to scary emergency surgery or even death if not caught in time. No thank you!!

Holiday Plants

Many plants that make our houses cherry and bright this time of year are bad news for our furry family members. For a more extensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants, check out this link from the ASPCA: If you suspect your pet has gotten into anything suspicious, whether plant, food, or otherwise, be sure to call your veterinarian or emergency vet clinic IMMEDIATELY. You can also call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year: (888) 426-4435.

Common Holiday Plants Your Pets Should Avoid

  1. Lilies: deadly to cats, can cause kidney failure
  2. Mistletoe (especially the berries): highly toxic, causes upset stomach and potentially fatal heart problems
  3. Holly: causes nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy
  4. Poinsettias: not as toxic as often thought, these should still be avoided as they can upset pets’ digestive system
  5. Amaryllis: causes diarrhea and vomiting
  6. Certain species of ivy, namely English ivy: can be extremely harmful if ingested

Forbidden Food and Drinks

fridge danger

We all know that your animal friends are very skilled at watching you pitifully as you shove another yummy treat in your mouth. Their doleful eyes entreat you to share a bit of delicious food with them. Don’t do it!! You can show your pets that you love them in so many healthier ways.

  1. Be sure and feed your pets before dinner or party guests arrive—that way, Spot will have a full tummy and be less likely to beg for scraps from your guests. Also, give your animals some special treats made just for them when they have been good (or just because), and politely ask your guests to avoid passing along tasty morsels to your pets.
  2. This shouldn’t even need to be mentioned, but be sure to keep the dogs and cats (and any other small creatures) in your house out of the booze and smokes. Even accidental ingestion of alcohol or nicotine by a curious pet can be deadly, so if your party is getting very merry—be careful!!
  3. Some foods that can be harmful to your furry friends are:
    • Turkey skin and gravy: can cause pancreatitis
    • Onions and onion powder: can destroy red blood cells, causing anemia
    • Chocolate: can damage the nervous system and urinary tract as well as the heart muscle; can be deadly
    • Grapes and raisins: grapes, especially, can cause kidney failure (who knew?)
    • Cooked bones, especially poultry bones: can tear or block the intestinal tract; these injuries can be fatal
    • Not a food but food items: strings that are used in turkeys or roast, as well as the little  “pop-up” thermometers; discarded aluminum foil; food and fixings garbage—make sure to keep these items picked up and thrown away, with garbage sealed tightly

Joy to the Animals

Christmas rat

We can absolutely include our furry or feathered family members in the holiday festivities—we just have to be smart pet parents. Stuff your pets’ stockings with worry-free toys, like rubber dog toys, indestructible Kongs filled with special treats, durable rope “bones”, size-appropriate balls, catnip mice, interactive krinkle mats, and even nesting boxes and soft hammocks for your favorite little rat!

Ok, you guys. Get to jingling those bells, and stay warm!



December 13, 2012

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art 101

A fresh coat of nail polish has always improved my outlook, no matter what’s going on in my life. An hour to sit back and relax, then step out of the nail salon feeling like a new woman. 

 Manicured nails are a statement, they say a lot about us from the colors we choose to the shape; playful, sexy, sophisticated, demure our manis are the polish on the cake. A mani is your most important accessory and one of the first things people notice. And judging by the fact that there is a nail salon or two on almost every street in Dallas, I’m not the only woman who feels this way.

Enter super manis…..nail art! What started as a look that most of us could not pull off (think Lady Gaga & Katy Perry) has gone main stream thanks in part to several fashion houses that brought nail art to the Runway.  Just Google, Pinterest or Instagram “nail art” and you will find hundreds of pictures and tutorials of the most creative designs and bold colors.  I could seriously scroll for hours!

And while I love looking at the creative techniques and the how-did-they-do-that designs, many of them just won’t work for us on a daily basis or in a business environment. Skulls, neon and glow in the dark polish may be better suited for someone else.

So how can we rock this trend well? Think sophisticated color palettes, simple geometric designs, and minimal glitter, did I say that? Glitter at your own comfort! Also, since not all the nail salons are in the know, go online or to Pinterest and save some of your favorite designs, then show them to your nail technician and see if they can duplicate. 

I’ve chosen several images to explain nail technique rather than by colors.  Enjoy!

Kathy, Fit Fashionista!

Nail styles above from left to right

Top Row: (1) Glitter Jelly with Ombre across the hand (2) Black & Gold ombre with key stamp. Stamp kits can be ordered online (3) Metallic shine

Middle Row: (1) French manicure in black and nude, can sub any colors (2) Lace, can be drawn on or buy polish strips (3) Whimsy design Movember, can get very creative here (4) Geometric print (5) Reverse French manicure or half moon silver and opaque black

Bottom Row: (1) Flakies in dark polish (2) Black and gold glitter one finger ombre (3) Black with gold horizontal strip (4) Bright polish with black & white chevron design and one contrasting glitter finger (5) Pink bows & crystals Japanese nail art, just for fun!


Nail Art 101 by kathy-hamilton featuring black beauty products

Nail treatment

Nail treatment

Nail treatment

Nail treatment

Nail treatment

Nail treatment

Nail lacquer

Glitter nail polish

Nail treatment

Summer nail polish

Nail treatment


December 12, 2012

Give A Gift of Green!


Just a few cute ideas!

Hey guys! How is everybody doing with your Christmas shopping? If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling a little nervous, about now or maybe , REALLY nervous! The holiday is less than 2 weeks away and it’s crunch time! Well, I got the perfect solution for some last minute gift ideas or for those, “I don’t know what to get peeps” on your Christmas list. I say give green! No…not money but a beautiful living plant. Plants are living gifts that keep giving, bring cheer and improve any space or environment they are in. They can also fit into any budget and make great gifts for almost any age.
It can be as simple as purchasing a dressed up holiday plant in the floral department at the grocery store or as elaborate as creating a terrarium or making the actual container. When giving a plant as a gift, you will want to make sure you pick an appropriate plant for the recipient. For instance, someone with a busy lifestyle or not such a “green thumb” would be better with a simple, easy to care for plant, in a more attractive pot and for a giftee that has more free time and an interest in plants a better choice may be a bonsai tree, orchid or a rare plant that has to be specially ordered. A container or pot can really make a difference in giving a plant as a gift, you should find a pot that fits a person’s style or personality. For example, if Aunt Mary likes antiques, look for an old teapot or other item at a local antique store to put the plant in. Grandparents really enjoy pots that the kids have painted or helped make. A lot of time when someone buys a plant for themselves, they just don’t take the time or want to spend the money on the perfect container and the poor thing sits in their house in the plastic pot it was bought in. So think presentation, and that will make this gift even more special and its easy wrapping for you! Be sure to always include the care instructions of the plant you give.

There are also gift sets of plants available in almost any kind of store, department stores to the corner drugstore! The sets can be of traditional Holiday flowers such as Paper Whites, Amaryllis, Norfolk Pines(my favorite) to kitchen herb sets, to silly ones like the Chia pets(kids love these by the way) Last year I got my daughter a set that included catnip seeds and a cute kitty planter.It made more than one happy! 😉 Kids love planting things, it teaches them responsibility and they enjoy the element of surprise when something sprouts or blooms. Hey a surprise bloom should put a smile on about anybody’s face! Well, I hope that I have  planted a few gift ideas in your head! Now I’m off to shop and calm some nerves… I hope!! ~ Sandy C. 🙂

December 11, 2012

Kids can goal set too!

So my oldest daughter asked me yesterday, “Mommy, can I go to the volleyball camp at UT again this summer?”. My response was initially, “most likely, but let’s see as it gets closer to summer.” But then I realized…wait…she is goal setting, no differently than she sees me do. I already know that I will be going to Vegas in the summer for Beachbody summit, so why is it so off for her to want to plan to attend a volleyball camp. This really got me thinking…each year right around this time, instead of coming up with a New Year’s Resolution, I write out my ten goals for the year. This year I think I will have Adrianna sit down and do that as well. She is 11 years old and more than capable of doing this with a little guidance.

So, how do you go about setting goals for the New Year?

1. write out as many things as you can think of that you wish or dream about….go big, dream big, and write limitless….just think brainstorming session

2. next, circle the ones that are achievable within one year’s time. Those that require more time, you can revisit next year when writing goals again (don’t throw away your brainstorming sheet year to year…keep it in a safe place or save it as a file on your computer)

3. Prioritize those goals in order of importance to you the best you can. Starting with 1 being the most important.

4. Underneath your goal list write an action plan…what will be some activities you will put in place to ensure that these goals happen.

Keep referring back to this list of ten goals at the end of each month to see where you are at…cross them off or put a check mark next to them as you achieve them.

Last year two of my major goals was to be on a fitness dvd and to be a top 10 coach for Beachbody, and both of those came true. Not because I wished them true, but because I worked for them…I had a goal and a plan and I followed through.

I am really excited to do this with my daughter….to see what some of her goals are and to help her achieve them. You are never too young to set goals, have dreams, and live BIG!


December 10, 2012

Beauty Supplements that Really Work!


Could your beauty routine use a booster shot?  As a girly girl and beauty guru, I’m always looking for the latest greatest items to add to my regime.  Here are a few noteworthy supplements worth a try.

Murad Clarifying Supplement $43
I have prescribed this one to many of my teen acne clients. When taken regularly it makes a definite difference. Murad claims it provides a powerful internal defense against breakouts. Reduces blemishes by 55% in only 6 weeks.



Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for skin and nails $50

Phyto has been around for awhile. And with celebs like Jennifer Anniston giving credit for her famous locks its no wonder!

Here’s what one woman said about it.

I’m 41 and I decided to buy this over a year ago. I used it for about 6 months
and noticed that my hair stopped falling out. I’d notice the hair loss only when
I’d blow dry my hair. There would be hairs all over the bathroom floor. After
about a month of using these vitamins, it dramatically improved! However, due to
the cost, I stopped ordering it. I went without it for about 3 months and I
started noticing all the darn hairs around the floor again! UGH!!
I ordered 2
bottles and plan to keep this in my daily routine from now on! I’ve learned my
lesson. It’s worth it BIG TIME!


ZenMed Derma Cleanse Capsules $30

If you’re looking to go the more natural route this one’s for you.  It promotes a healthier complexion from within. This herbal formulation based on Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, aids with the body’s natural elimination processes.


Give ’em a try! You won’t be dissapointed







December 8, 2012


plyos Hey everyone!


It’s Marzia, your eco-friendly diva! As some of you know, I try to do my best to be eco-friendly. I am good some days and I am very bad on other days but I try to do the best I can with the resources that are available to me in the moment. If you are looking to turn over a new leaf this 2013, then here are my favorite eco-friendly fitness tips.

  1. Take your workout outdoors. No need to burn electricity indoors, burn calories outside with Mother Nature.
  2. Reusable water bottles. Instead of buying plastic water bottles that take up space in landfills, get a home filtration system and use reusable water bottles.
  3. Eco-friendly fitness wear. Look for companies that use earth friendly fabrics like hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton. Make sure the companies practice sustainable business models.
  4. Green fitness equipment. Many companies are now making eco-friendly workout equipment like energy free machines and yoga mats made out of bamboo or hemp.
  5. Go digital. Instead of writing your food or workout journal on paper which waste trees, download an app that will do the work for you. Most apps now are so detailed and advanced.
  6. Recycle your old running shoes. Look for a company that recycles old running shoes to make basketball courts, tracks, and other building materials for your community.
  7. Eco-friendly fitness facilities. Look for a gym that practices to reduce their carbon footprint. They may use chemical-free cleaners, recycle plastic bottles of water, and energy free machines.
  8. Eco-friendly personal care products. Quit plugging up your pores with artificial toxins. Use organic natural products on your body like deodorant and sunscreen when working out.
  9. Take shorter showers. Every minute you cut from your shower is roughly 5 gallons of water. The less time your shower takes, the lower your impact on the environment.
  10. Meatless Mondays. You will not lose your muscle mass skipping one day a week without animal meat. Cutting out meat one day a week will help your health and that of the environment as well. Go to to learn more. They have wonderful protein packed recipes and great environmental facts.

I hope this helps you some!

Go green my freinds!



December 7, 2012

Enjoy the Holiday Rush

holiday list

Hi, Everyone! It’s Brooke here. All stressed out and nowhere to run? I hear ya! This time of year invites not only merriment and reflection but lots of obligations absent the other 11 months of the year. Decorating the house, shopping without breaking the bank, crafting and baking (if you’re so inclined), vowing that THIS year you won’t wait until the last minute to do everything . . . all the while, the calendar is shrinking relentlessly down to zero hour. Then there’s the anxiety over sending Christmas cards—you could choose not to send them this year, but then you risk the icky feeling of being quietly dropped from your friends’ card lists. So, your list of to-do’s is long but necessary. Here are a few tips to help you cope:

1. Plan Ahead: This one’s a big challenge for me, but it saves a lot of headaches and heart palpitations down the road. Decorate your house early in the season so you can 1) enjoy being surrounded by holiday cheer and 2) focus on other tasks as the season ramps up. If you’re shopping for loved ones’ lists, do like the stores do and barely let the gratitude of Thanksgiving sink in before jumping into The Holidays. Take advantage of sales early in the month, and if you want to avoid having to fight your way through crowded lines even for a latte, do some gift getting during the weekdays. Not possible for everyone, I know, but have you seen those women who seem to have everything done, presents wrapped (nicely), and treats baked for their children’s friends’ families before the first full weekend in December? That’s how they do it! Oh, and they may have made a little deal with the Dark One—I’m just speculating.

I only wish my house looked like this!

I only wish my house looked like this!

2. Savor the Season: This is my favorite part about the holiday season—enjoying it, even as I mow through my lengthy list. When we pull all the decorations and tree down from the attic, I love to put on our favorite Christmas CDs (Bing Crosby’s White Christmas and Harry Connick, Jr.’s When My Heart Finds Christmas—I love you!). Preferably I also have a delicious iced Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks as my companion. You know that song from Mary Poppins—“A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down”? I’m a big believer in that phrase when I’m doing anything onerous or involved (for example, cleaning out my closet . . . again). Just give yourself a little sparkle to help enjoy the task at hand—it’s always worked wonders for me. Also, despite the lack of checkmarks on your to-do list, take time out to drive around and look at the lights on your neighbors’ houses, or sit down and watch your favorite holiday movies as a family. Do the things that bring cheer and joy to you and your loved ones—make those cute, little bread loafs that you always dream of doing over the holidays. Go root through your winter clothes and find your favorite comfy sweater to nestle up in, even if you have to crank up the AC, like we have to do in Texas J

3. Be Good to Yourself:  This one obviously involves bits of the previous paragraph, but sometimes we are the ones that get forgotten in the mad rush of December. Taking care of yourself is more than just pampering. You are the lynchpin to your family’s progress through their lives and this season. If you run yourself ragged, then everyone’s in trouble! Be reasonable in your expectations of yourself. Learn to say “No” politely to some requests for your time and assistance—trust me, this will change your life. Just because someone wants you to something doesn’t mean you are beholden to. And it doesn’t mean you are a bad person or don’t like the requestor. It just means that you have a limited amount of time, and you need to spend it in the way that fills you up and keeps you marginally socially acceptable (and not a hermit). Say “Yes” when you can cheerfully help out, and be gracious but direct when replying “No.” You will feel so much better when you can do this. Also, despite occasional obstacles, keep up with your healthy eating and exercise. Exercise especially is a powerful stress buster that improves your mood, relaxes your crazy mind, brings more restful sleep, and keeps your body healthy and happy. It will serve you very well this season, as will mindful eating. If you keep yourself fueled throughout each day with high-quality food (lean protein, whole grains, veggies, fruit, and LOTS of water), you will not only feel amazing but also be able to cope more easily with holiday party temptations. If you’ve been on track with your nutrition, then you (and not the double chocolate cheesecake at your work party) will be in control. Go on, have a little piece! Mama needs some chocolately cheer too!

choc cheesecake

Happy Friday, and enjoy the season, ok? It’s going fast!

XOXO, Brooke

December 5, 2012

9 Stylish Ways to Wear Statement Leggings

Leggings are one of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to achieve a stylish fresh look.  You can add leggings to tops, sweaters, dresses or a simple white tee and leather jacket for an edgy look.
You can find statement leggings in all kinds of designs, from classic black to leather to printed lace.  Leggings are everywhere in every style. You can choose different textures, sheens, prints and colors.
A couple of style notes to keep in mind when picking out your leggings:
1. If the leggings are really bright or super busy, make sure your top is a neutral and let the leggings be the focal point.
2.  If you have a little bit of thickness through the thighs and hips go for a vertical print or darker color legging that can have an embellishment to draw the eyes up and down.
3. To elongate shorter legs wear a shoe that matches your legging color.
4.  Have fun and buy whatever makes you happy or puts a smile on your face!
See the Romwe Starry Night leggings, I ordered them and can’t wait to wear with my Vera Wang motorcycle boots, picked up at the Maxx for about $69.00
Hope you all have a wonderful week! Yours truly, Kathy Fit Fashionista 🙂