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December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hey! Danielle here! I am not sure what you celebrate, what you believe, but regardless I think this time of year is a good time for us to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for, feel blessed about, and to honor those relationships in our life that help us push through.

I will be honest..I am not a Christmas fanatic. I grew up in a very stable family, with great values, and good traditions, so there is no need to delve deeper into the meaning of why I don’t freak for fa la la la and tinsel. I love having a real Christmas tree in my home, and helping my kids write letters to Santa, and I enjoy the idea of finding a special gift for the people in my life who mean so much.

But I also struggle…I struggle with the commercialization of the whole holiday. I struggle with the pressure put on all of us, especially parents, to buy the best, most extravagant presents. The idea that the kid with the most presents, the biggest presents wins on that first day back to school? Why? I love my children, and provide for them…I go above and beyond for them…so why do the presents that I set forth one day a year “dictate” my love for them so to speak.

I may wind up hearing backlash from this blog post, but its honestly how I feel. I want my children to have experiences…I want them to have things with meaning and value…and I want them to understand that my love comes in the form of passion not presents. I want my children to understand where Christmas even came from , even though truth be known I am not ultra religious in the traditional sense of the word.

For me…Christmas is more about a time where families can come together in a world where we are all so busy and take a deep breath and enjoy one another…not whether or not the perfect gift was found and wrapped with the perfect matching bow. Your kids won’t remember the bike you got them or the xbox 360 that showed up under the tree this year tens years from now…but they will remember the experiences you were able to create with them…those are the things that last a lifetime. So I encourage you to look beyond Target and Best Buy, and create moments this holiday season…moments, that beyond material possessions, will ring true season after season.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah , or whatever it is you choose to celebrate. Enjoy each other and celebrate the love your family has for each other…because that is the true meaning of Christmas.
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December 24, 2012

Fun Beauty Quizzes

imageDo you ever take the quizzes in beauty magazines? I do all the time. Here are some really fun quizzes. Let me know how you do!
Merry Christmas Eve!
Shelly Mac

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