1st Annual Healthy Holiday Party!


Happy Holidays Housewives!

The holiday season is in full effect and that means time for holiday parties! The past few years, I have thrown holiday parties and have grown to love the hosting part. There is so much preparation that goes on behind the scenes from buying the food, decorations, and table settings that it could be overwhelming. Having a plan surely helps. It takes a few parties to get it down, but once you do, you will throw a great party and enjoy the process!

This year we had our 1st annual healthy holiday party at our beauty expert’s, Shelly Mac, home. So Shelly and I were the host this year. We were using her house and my party planning expertise. We had so much fun planning that the party was absolutely perfect!

Shelly Mac as a sexy santa host!

Shelly Mac as a sexy santa host!

An experience host knows that the most memorable dinners have more in common than just good food and great company. I love a fancy table setting with fresh flowers, candles, and nice tableware. This presentation makes a statement when your guests sit down to eat. Hearing your guests compliment the table makes all the hard work and effort worth it.

Our holiday table setting

Our holiday table setting

Shelly and I greeted our guest at the door and welcomed them with a glass a wine as we made our final preparations to the food. To make the party more special we decided each Healthy Housewife would be in charge of a part of the menu. I love when guest take part of a party! It makes it more fun for everyone. Our menu looked like this:

Brooke- (appetizers) Veggie Christmas tree with a few different dips

Marzia- (main meal) Vegan meatloaf with gravy and wine selection

Danielle-(side dish) Sweet potato casserole

Shelly-(side dish) Acorn squash

Kathy- (dessert) Pumpkin  chia pudding

Sandy-(dessert) Santa berries

Also, Shelly came up with a great cocktail to toast to. It’s called a pointsetta. It is champagne with some cranberry juice. We used POMS cranberry cherry juice. Our bubbly drink had the right taste of sweetness. I brought a few different types of wine as well for the dinner part. I brought an old favorite called the Chocolate Shop. (A friend introduced it to me last Christmas.) It a sweet red wine with a taste of chocolate. Also, I couldn’t help myself and I bought a wine because the label had “Housewife” in it. Why not! We also had a couple white wine selections as well. We got all these selections at our local Krogers.

Christmas Cocktails

After our guest had a cocktail in their hand we brought out some fun little party outfits for the kitchen. I had bought some elf and santa hat headbands with matching aprons. We are a fun group and we rocked our kitchen outfits!

Kathy Hamilton and Shelly Mac in thier Christmas kitchen wear

Kathy Hamilton and Shelly Mac in thier Christmas kitchen wear

We all had a great time preparing our healthy feast and enjoying each others company. We love to joke around and catch up with each other’s busy lives. The holiday party was flawless as we wrapped up the party with a gift exchange.

The gift table

The gift table

When the party was over, all the housewives pitched in to help each other clean up. We said our goodbye’s and it was time to turn in. I am really blessed to have met a great group of women who are positive role models for many women out there. We are a tight knit group who are eager to change the world for the better and share the same vision. I am grateful that these type of women exsist in today’s world!

The BEST group of women hands down!

The BEST group of women hands down!

The 2012 healthy holiday party was a HUGE success. Looking forward to our next adventure together. Love these ladies!

My next blog will have all our recipes and the images.


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