Nail Art Designs

Nail Art 101

A fresh coat of nail polish has always improved my outlook, no matter what’s going on in my life. An hour to sit back and relax, then step out of the nail salon feeling like a new woman. 

 Manicured nails are a statement, they say a lot about us from the colors we choose to the shape; playful, sexy, sophisticated, demure our manis are the polish on the cake. A mani is your most important accessory and one of the first things people notice. And judging by the fact that there is a nail salon or two on almost every street in Dallas, I’m not the only woman who feels this way.

Enter super manis…..nail art! What started as a look that most of us could not pull off (think Lady Gaga & Katy Perry) has gone main stream thanks in part to several fashion houses that brought nail art to the Runway.  Just Google, Pinterest or Instagram “nail art” and you will find hundreds of pictures and tutorials of the most creative designs and bold colors.  I could seriously scroll for hours!

And while I love looking at the creative techniques and the how-did-they-do-that designs, many of them just won’t work for us on a daily basis or in a business environment. Skulls, neon and glow in the dark polish may be better suited for someone else.

So how can we rock this trend well? Think sophisticated color palettes, simple geometric designs, and minimal glitter, did I say that? Glitter at your own comfort! Also, since not all the nail salons are in the know, go online or to Pinterest and save some of your favorite designs, then show them to your nail technician and see if they can duplicate. 

I’ve chosen several images to explain nail technique rather than by colors.  Enjoy!

Kathy, Fit Fashionista!

Nail styles above from left to right

Top Row: (1) Glitter Jelly with Ombre across the hand (2) Black & Gold ombre with key stamp. Stamp kits can be ordered online (3) Metallic shine

Middle Row: (1) French manicure in black and nude, can sub any colors (2) Lace, can be drawn on or buy polish strips (3) Whimsy design Movember, can get very creative here (4) Geometric print (5) Reverse French manicure or half moon silver and opaque black

Bottom Row: (1) Flakies in dark polish (2) Black and gold glitter one finger ombre (3) Black with gold horizontal strip (4) Bright polish with black & white chevron design and one contrasting glitter finger (5) Pink bows & crystals Japanese nail art, just for fun!


Nail Art 101 by kathy-hamilton featuring black beauty products

Nail treatment

Nail treatment

Nail treatment

Nail treatment

Nail treatment

Nail treatment

Nail lacquer

Glitter nail polish

Nail treatment

Summer nail polish

Nail treatment


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