Give A Gift of Green!


Just a few cute ideas!

Hey guys! How is everybody doing with your Christmas shopping? If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling a little nervous, about now or maybe , REALLY nervous! The holiday is less than 2 weeks away and it’s crunch time! Well, I got the perfect solution for some last minute gift ideas or for those, “I don’t know what to get peeps” on your Christmas list. I say give green! No…not money but a beautiful living plant. Plants are living gifts that keep giving, bring cheer and improve any space or environment they are in. They can also fit into any budget and make great gifts for almost any age.
It can be as simple as purchasing a dressed up holiday plant in the floral department at the grocery store or as elaborate as creating a terrarium or making the actual container. When giving a plant as a gift, you will want to make sure you pick an appropriate plant for the recipient. For instance, someone with a busy lifestyle or not such a “green thumb” would be better with a simple, easy to care for plant, in a more attractive pot and for a giftee that has more free time and an interest in plants a better choice may be a bonsai tree, orchid or a rare plant that has to be specially ordered. A container or pot can really make a difference in giving a plant as a gift, you should find a pot that fits a person’s style or personality. For example, if Aunt Mary likes antiques, look for an old teapot or other item at a local antique store to put the plant in. Grandparents really enjoy pots that the kids have painted or helped make. A lot of time when someone buys a plant for themselves, they just don’t take the time or want to spend the money on the perfect container and the poor thing sits in their house in the plastic pot it was bought in. So think presentation, and that will make this gift even more special and its easy wrapping for you! Be sure to always include the care instructions of the plant you give.

There are also gift sets of plants available in almost any kind of store, department stores to the corner drugstore! The sets can be of traditional Holiday flowers such as Paper Whites, Amaryllis, Norfolk Pines(my favorite) to kitchen herb sets, to silly ones like the Chia pets(kids love these by the way) Last year I got my daughter a set that included catnip seeds and a cute kitty planter.It made more than one happy! 😉 Kids love planting things, it teaches them responsibility and they enjoy the element of surprise when something sprouts or blooms. Hey a surprise bloom should put a smile on about anybody’s face! Well, I hope that I have  planted a few gift ideas in your head! Now I’m off to shop and calm some nerves… I hope!! ~ Sandy C. 🙂

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