A Traditional Red!

Well I’m sure you are all seeing red at this point when heading in to your garden centers or grocery store. Poinsettia red that is! This traditional holiday plant has been stepping out a bit the last few years. It is just not just the red or cream-colored ones of the past. I have seen pink, speckled, turquoise, glittered and even lavendar .poinsettia plants

Move over Lily, Poinsettia wants to share Easter with you!! Well some things I like traditional, so you will see mainly red poinsettias in my home for the Christmas season. But even being around as long as they have, the fact is that Poinsettias sometimes get a bad rap, generally they’re considered to be a “throw-away” plant and have been labeled  poisonous, and considered unattractive by some people. Despite this, they remain one of the most popular holiday flowers.  They represent over 85% of the potted plant sales during the holiday season, In their defense poinsettias are not poisonous like they were previously thought to be. Now that doesn’t mean its ok to toss them in a salad or let Fido or toddler nibble on them either.They may give children or pets an upset  stomach if ingested, and the sap of a poinsettia may cause skin irritations. A couple of Holiday plants you want to avoid having any incidents with are mistletoe and Holly, they ARE poisonous.

So I say this plant, the poinsettia, is safe enough, beautiful enough, and they scream Christmas! Why not adorn your household with a few! They are typically inexpensive and give a lot of seasonal color. Now here’s how to care for them and keep them merry through the season.

                                                                     Keeping Poinsettias Merry!

LIGHT- Poinsettias are tropicals and will appreciate as much direct sunlight as you can provide. So keep them in a sunny window or area.

WATER -Don’t over water and DO NOT let the plant sit in water. This will cause the leaves to drop.Water the plant whenever the surface feels dry to the touch. Water until it drains out the bottom. A wilted plant can be revived and salvaged, but it will take a toll on its appearance for the season.

TEMPERATURE – Maintain a temperature of 65 – 75 degrees F. during the day to keep the poinsettia in bloom as long as possible. They do not like temperature below 60 degrees F. and extreme shifts in temperatures will damage the plant. So it is best to keep them inside and out of drafts.

HUMIDITY- If your home tends tobe dry and your poinsettia is in direct light, you will find yourself watering frequently, possibly every day. Heaters in the winter really dry out any houseplant, so be aware of this problem.

So there you have it, that seems simple enough, after the season is over you just have to decide whether your up for a challenge because you actually can keep them around from year to year! Or just enjoy them for the season and compost them afterwards. So next time your out grab some red or which ever color you desire! Check out our BIG RED we found at the grocery store! 😉

Everything is BIG in Texas!

Everything is BIG in Texas!


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