Only TIME will tell…

We live in a very digital society…and these advancements in technology, for the most part, are an incredible thing. However, there is one area that it is slowing down the learning process for our children in a very basic math skill. Are you ready? TELLING TIME! I want you to think of all the clocks in your home. The microwave, the television, the computer, the cable box, the ipad, ipod, iphone, etc etc etc. Where or where is the ANALOG clock? Matter of fact, if you say they word analog, children, and even adults will look at you with a puzzled look on your face. ANALOG? What is that?



Telling time is a skill that all children learn in elementary school, but don’t often get to practice in real world settings due to our technological advancements. When I was teaching math, one of my suggestions to parents was to purchase their child an analog watch. The more familiar a child is with telling time this way, the more their math skills sharpen in other areas. It helps them learn their multiplication facts quicker. (ex: if they know that the 12 on the clock represents sixty minutes and that each number is a multiple of 5, they now know 12×5=60). Also, you will notice that a lot of children cannot express that “its a quarter past three” or its a “quarter til 5” because they are not familiar with the visual representation that a clock can also represent fractional parts. The thing with math is that its all building blocks…and many skills intertwine and build upon each other.


So as you are headed into the holiday seasons and trying to think of a gift to get your child, why not get them an analog watch! First of all, kids think watches are cool…they really do! Secondly, you will be promoting higher level thinking throughout the day. “Hey, can you tell me what time it is?” or ” How many more minutes until football practice?”. Math is everywhere, and the more you can show your children that its an integral part of their everyday life, the more important they will see it and take it seriously in school. Give it a shot…only TIME WILL TELL if it will work!


2 Comments to “Only TIME will tell…”

  1. Great tips!! and very true. My 16 year old and I volunteer in an elementary school and all I see are little ones sporting their cool digital watches, but thankfully there are analog clocks all over the building.

  2. That is one of the reason’s why I bought a clock wall kit and turned a wall into a clock. When they ask me what time is it, I tell them they have to tell me by looking at that clock.

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