EXERCISE…your right to VOTE!



Sad statistic I heard on the radio this morning….less than 30 percent of people under the age of 30 vote. WOW! Staggering! If you think back into our history, we FOUGHT for our right to vote. Yet today, we take it so lightly that more people vote for American Idol contestants than they do the leader of their country. 

Now, I will be the first to admit I am not big into politics. I do however feel it is our civic duty to not only vote, but to raise our children to vote and to be respectful of our elected officials. Its funny….adults are always complaining that the youth of today aren’t respectful. But why should they be…we don’t model it for them. Remember, actions speak louder than words. Respect starts from the top down and so if we cannot show our children that regardless of our opinion that we respect our President because he is the leader of our country, than how can you expect them to respect teachers, other adults, and even you as their parent?!

When I was an elementary school teacher I always told my students that voting was special and private. That no one had the right to know who you voted for, and I still believe that today. You have the right to vote anyway you wish, and should not be ridiculed for doing as such. 


I love that schools are taking a more active role in voting. My daughters came home after their mock election excited with their I Voted stickers. They were proud to share with me who they voted for, even though I told them they did not have to tell me. My oldest daughter voted for Romney and my youngest daughter voted for Obama. Adrianna’s reasoning was that she had heard my husband speak of voting for him. My youngest voted for Obama because he is the current President and the only name she recognized. Does it really matter though? No…they are getting into the habit now of realizing that this is important. My husband and I made a big deal today about going to vote and how important it is. 


So….remember….voting isn’t just about you…its about raising a generation who is respectful, knowledgeable  and most importantly, a good citizen. Regardless of who are President is, one thing is for sure…the children are our future!


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