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November 2, 2012

Heavenly Bakery for Your Dog

It’s Brooke here, wishing you a happy Friday! As soon as you walk into Three Dog
Bakery, one of four things may happen: 1) your spirit lights up like you’ve
just walked into Disneyland; 2) you break into a large and very goofy smile; 3)
you immediately turn green with envy because you want to sample all the delicious, rainbow-colored treats for
yourself; and 4) you start mentally cataloging all the things you have to buy
(argyle sweater, sparkly pink collar and leash, blue furry squeaky toy, doggie
biscuits of every description)—but wait! You don’t even have a dog!

These were my reactions when I stepped into the nirvana that is Three Dog Bakery in
Plano, Texas. What a wonderland of every dog treat, biscuit, bone, chew, bowl,
leash, sweater, and accessory you could possibly wish for! I quickly began
running down my mental list of all the dogs in my life who I could buy for—sadly,
there are not many. I tend to run with the cat crowd. But I certainly didn’t
let that spoil my fun.

Three Dog Bakery was founded in 1989 by two men and their three dogs on the premise
that wholesome, 100% natural food made with top-quality human-grade ingredients
would allow dogs to live longer, happier, healthier lives. All products are
created without adding salt, sugar, artificial colors, additives, preservatives,
or fillers (like soy, corn, or wheat). Also, all biscuits and baked treats are
baked slowly in the oven, gently locking in flavor while filling the air with
smells of deliciousness. As I marveled at the selection of freshly baked treats
tucked behind refrigerated glass cases, the array of cookies and cupcakes with
edges dipped in pastel colors or chocolate caught my eye.

They were so beautiful, but the red alert of DANGER: CHOCOLATE! flashed in my head. When I asked Emily, the friendly sales associate, about this concern, she told me that the “chocolate” is really carob, which is safe for dogs. Carob does not contain theobromine or caffeine, stimulants that are toxic to our dog friends. Also, the pale pink, green, and yellow “icing” that elegantly tipped the ends of other treats is made by adding beets, spinach, or carrots, respectively, to the recipes. What a great idea!

In addition to the bakery items, Three Dog creates top-quality dog food and treats at their headquarters that can be shipped almost anywhere. The bakery has locations all over the United States and Hong Kong. If you are able to visit the store, you can load up on the bulk treat bar to spoil the special canine in your life. And if you don’t have a pup in your life directly, you can certainly purchase one of the beautiful, personalized cakes for a loved one’s pet or give the gift of kindness by donating to the Three Dog Foundation. This foundation offers financial assistance to not-for-profit, licensed agencies focused on rescuing dogs and cats. You can give this gift in honor of a friend, family member, or a beloved animal friend.

Cyrus and Emily

With the holiday season upon us, it’s nice to know that you can still treat your animal companion to healthy, dog-friendly delights (instead of table scraps from the holiday meal—don’t do this!). And for you cat lovers out there, Three Dog does have a small section for you—be sure to check out the We Pity the Kitties cat treats! The name is really fun to say!

For all kinds of information about Three Dog Bakery and their business of catering to canines and the people who love them, check out their website:

Have a super weekend!