Your Best Brows Ever!

Which shape are you?

The wrong eyebrow shape can instantly change your facial expression. Brows that are too high can give you a permanent surprised expression, and brows that are too low, or arched incorrectly, can make you appear angry. The right eyebrow shape draws attention to your face and enhances your eyes. The contour of your face can help determine your most flattering eyebrow shape. Learn how to recognize the different facial shapes to help find the right eyebrows for you.
First, clean your face. Remove all makeup from your face with makeup remover, because makeup can add shade and contours to your face that change the appearance its shape.

Second, pull your hair back away from your face.

Determine the shape of your face. Look at the outline of your face in the mirror. If your head is egg-shaped with the forehead wider than your chin, your head is oval-shaped. Your face is considered round if its width equals its length. If your jaw has sharp angles and your forehead is wide, you most likely have a square head. If the length of your face is longer than its width and your chin is very noticeable, you have a oblong face shape. Your face is diamond-shaped if it’s angular with the widest part at the temples. A heart-shaped face has a small chin and widens at the cheeks and temples.

Match your head shape with a flattering eyebrow shape. Oval head shapes look best with a soft-angled eyebrow; round faces look best with high-arched brows because these add length; make a curved eyebrow if you have a square or diamond-shaped face, because the curved brow helps balance the prominent facial angles; oblong faces are shortened in length by a horizontal brow; and heart-shaped faces look best with a round, low-arched brow.

Use this handy measuring guide to pick the right palcement for arches and where brows should end on the outside of the temple.
Make sure to talk with your stylist or esthetician to determine the right shape for you. Don’t just let anyone slap some wax or thread your brows. The wrong person can ruin them and it can take up to a year to get them back to where they need to be. Trust me, I’ve done many “brow interventions” in my time.

Happy tweezing! (you tweeze a brow, you pluck a chicken)
–Shelly Mac


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