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October 17, 2012

Picking The Great Pumpkin!!

Hey Guys! If you haven’t picked out the perfect pumpkin for this Halloween, you better get to it!! You know how fast these holidays come up! Heck! They’ve got Christmas in the stores already! It’s never too early to buy your pumpkins. A good healthy, uncarved pumpkin can last months, that’s why I like to buy mine early for my fall decorations, I usually buy some in September and keep them around till the end of November. Geez, once I think I’ve even put a Santa hat on one! If you live where temperatures drop to frost or freezing you you will need to bring them in for the night. No matter when or where we buy our collection of these wonderful seasonal globes, we have made it a little family tradition to head out to the pumpkin patch each fall. This is a great family outdoor activity for this time of year. No matter what the weathers like, we have fun! Since we live in Texas, we normally get to enjoy a warm afternoon and have a picnic lunch out in the field or we have enjoyed it on a chilly drizzling day while sipping hot chocolate!
We have the neatest pumpkin patch a few miles away from our house! It’s called The Pumpkin Express. It has bounce houses, a hay bale maze, fruit & vegetable stand, fall arts and crafts and Halloween displays galore (perfect backdrops for some awesome family pics!) And of course a real train with railroad tracks that circles a huge field of perfectly lined up pumpkins!

There is something for the whole family, I love it!

Callie Jean “shaking it” with Frankstien!

So whether you have or haven’t gotten your gourd for your  jack–o-lantern, might I suggest you head to a great pumpkin patch for some outdoor fun! If you are going to do some pumpkin picking, let me share some basic things to keep in mind! 

First of all, go prepared, plan for the weather, tennis shoes or boots are best, you will be in a field so there could be mud, burs and uneven ground. Bring a small wagon with you.

Wagon was really handy this year!

It’s easier to haul worn out little ones and pumpkins, especially if you want bigger ones. Here’s a fun fact! The largest pumpkin on record weighs a whopping 827 lbs! Ya might need a dump truck for that one!
When it comes to picking the perfect specimen, you want to inspect for any bruises, cracks or splits…. any kind of damage will make your gourd deteriorate faster. Also soft spots aren’t good, this indicates mold on the inside or insect problems. A ripe pumpkin has a hard shell that does not dent or scratch easily. And last, make sure it has a nice intact stem, and this is not to be used as a handle! When it comes to carving your jack-o-lantern you should wait until 5 days or less before Halloween! So go spend some time in the great outdoors this weekend and enjoy, Then next week I will share some of the wonderful things to do with the great pumpkin! Here’s a link that will help you find a pumpkin patch and other outdoor fall activities near you! Have Fun!    :D~ Sandy