Fit Fashionista’s Tip of the week

Hello Healthy Housewive’s family! My name is Kathy Hamilton, the Fit Fashionista.  I’m a Mom, Pilates Instructor, Healthy Housewives of the month covergirl, and Fashion Lover!

As a mother, I know it’s tough to make time for yourself to workout, eat right and look amazing too!  My goal is to give all you Moms and Ladies real time saving, money saving and Eco friendly fashion tips while keeping you up to date on the latest styles and trends.  So here we go! 🙂

TJ Maxx Department Store

I can not tell you how much I love this store, especially the Runway section at TJ Maxx, all designer and in season unless the tag says otherwise. Talk about bargains galore! Just last week I picked up a pair of J Brand twill brown motorcycle jeans on clearance for $39.00 (regularly well over $250) and two Alice & Olivia dresses on clearance for $79.00 each (both had price tags of $350) at the TJ Maxx on Preston near Beltline in Dallas.  I have wondered for years how they sell clothing so inexpensively and this is what I found out. They buy their clothing from the same designers as any big department store at the mall but they have a no buy back clause with the designers which means the designers do not have to buy back any clothing that doesn’t sell, they also buy clothing from department stores who have ordered too much and if you ever been in a TJ Maxx well you know it’s no frills and you may have to wait in line longer than you would like but with these savings I don’t mind at all! Another positive, they have lay-a-way…oh and the Runway department has Gucci handbags, Balenciaga boots, Missoni dresses and other great big designer finds…lay-a-way….just saying.  Don’t forget to check out the beauty section, work-out clothing, and kids clothes are adorable and cheap (DKNY cargo pants for my daughter 9.99)! And be sure to buy one of their adorable .99 cent shopping bags to load up all your loot and skip the plastic bags!

Kathy Hamilton
Fit Fashionista

PS Love to hear about your finds!

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