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October 12, 2012

So Nice to Meet You!

Happy Friday to our Healthy Housewives family! My name is Brooke Berryhill, and I am your go-to gal for Wellness and Animals (specifically, Pets). I’m really excited to be a part of this group of amazing women—each of us is blazing our own trail in healthy living as we lift each other up and hopefully inspire you along the way! I’ll share a little bit of my story, and I look forward to hearing from you as well.

I’m an East Texas girl, having grown up in the beautiful Piney Woods of Longview. If you have had the good fortune to pass through Longview, you’ll appreciate how very lovely it is. I went on to Texas A&M University, where my love affair with iced coffee drinks and staying up very late really took hold. Then I was blessed to meet my husband, John, and life became even sweeter. We’ve been married for 14 years, he makes me laugh every day, and thankfully he shares my love of animals, P.F. Chang’s, and America’s Next Top Model—really, what else could you ask for in a husband?Image

I graduated with a degree in English and proceeded to spend the next 10 years as a copyeditor, providing the grammatical spit and polish to everything that I could get my hands on—science textbooks, advertising copy, medical test-prep, and romance novels (my favorite!). Then, after spending years combing the written word, I felt called to nurture people more than manuscripts and became a licensed massage therapist. And what a beautiful gift massage therapy has been for me! As a therapist, I can provide a nurturing and safe place for people to rest, to heal, and to feel more peaceful than when they walked in. I also love educating my clients on how to take better care of themselves. As the Wellness Director at a lovely retirement community, I get to do this every day as I create brand-new health and wellness programs for our staff and residents.

Something else that brings me (and you too, I hope) great joy are animals. I love all animals! Now, that doesn’t mean I’m going to rush out and hug a snake or anything—but I will be the one rushing past you to the nearest door as I rescue that scary spider or tiny pink gecko (by holding a well-placed cup and sturdy envelope, of course)! My love of animals is deep and abiding, and it led me to become a vegetarian many years ago. I strive to live compassionately toward people and animals, and I’m always looking for fabulous products and fashions that are created cruelty free. Now, truth be told, if I could shelter and protect all the animals in the world, I would. But since my house is not quite big enough for that, I will introduce you to my current furry family members: Lucy (snow-white, very smart, snuggly, and has lots to say);  Tiki (brown-ticked tabby, ultra affectionate, very mischievous, and wheels-off crazy); and Bit Bit (small golden-orange tabby, Tiki’s brother/partner in crime, unbelievably sweet, and cute as a bug).


Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week!




October 12, 2012

Fit Fashionista’s Tip of the week

Hello Healthy Housewive’s family! My name is Kathy Hamilton, the Fit Fashionista.  I’m a Mom, Pilates Instructor, Healthy Housewives of the month covergirl, and Fashion Lover!

As a mother, I know it’s tough to make time for yourself to workout, eat right and look amazing too!  My goal is to give all you Moms and Ladies real time saving, money saving and Eco friendly fashion tips while keeping you up to date on the latest styles and trends.  So here we go! 🙂

TJ Maxx Department Store

I can not tell you how much I love this store, especially the Runway section at TJ Maxx, all designer and in season unless the tag says otherwise. Talk about bargains galore! Just last week I picked up a pair of J Brand twill brown motorcycle jeans on clearance for $39.00 (regularly well over $250) and two Alice & Olivia dresses on clearance for $79.00 each (both had price tags of $350) at the TJ Maxx on Preston near Beltline in Dallas.  I have wondered for years how they sell clothing so inexpensively and this is what I found out. They buy their clothing from the same designers as any big department store at the mall but they have a no buy back clause with the designers which means the designers do not have to buy back any clothing that doesn’t sell, they also buy clothing from department stores who have ordered too much and if you ever been in a TJ Maxx well you know it’s no frills and you may have to wait in line longer than you would like but with these savings I don’t mind at all! Another positive, they have lay-a-way…oh and the Runway department has Gucci handbags, Balenciaga boots, Missoni dresses and other great big designer finds…lay-a-way….just saying.  Don’t forget to check out the beauty section, work-out clothing, and kids clothes are adorable and cheap (DKNY cargo pants for my daughter 9.99)! And be sure to buy one of their adorable .99 cent shopping bags to load up all your loot and skip the plastic bags!

Kathy Hamilton
Fit Fashionista

PS Love to hear about your finds!