From the Classroom to your Living Room

Hey! Danielle Hinson, your family health expert here. You might be wondering, who the heck I am and what classifies me as an expert in families and healthy living. Before I was Fit and Funky, or the Insanity Girl I was a 5th grade math teacher. And, no, I didn’t make my students do push-ups (well, sometimes…I called them mathercises). I graduated from the University of Central Florida (Go KNIGHTS) with a degree in elementary education and for the past 10 years taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade with an emphasis on science and math. In the classroom I was known for being an innovative hands on teacher who taught through games, songs, and movement (the “fun” teacher if you will). I resigned from my teaching position in January of this year to focus on being a stay at home mom while pursuing my career in fitness. This was actually a really tough decision for me because I really loved my role in the classroom. So for me, getting to share with you my knowledge of children and how they best learn and operate and fuse that with my passion for health and fitness is the best of both worlds.

So….a little bit about me and my family. My husband’s name is Jason, and we have been married for almost 12 years. Together we have two beautiful daughters Adrianna and Bianca. Adrianna is in the 6th grade and Bianca is in the 1st grade. They both play volleyball. Adrianna also really loves to sing and Bianca is into Harry Potter and dinosaurs. My husband Jason is an avid hunter and really enjoys being out of the city and in the solace of the great outdoors. Rounding out our family is Milo, a crazy cocker spaniel who sneezes instead of giving kisses and pees on the floor when the doorbell rings. But our family wouldn’t be complete without him.

I really look forward to communicating with you through the Healthy Housewives. My blog and vlog (video blog…which the link will be attached to the bottom of my weekly blog) will come out every Tuesday. You can of course follow that on Facebook at each week. Also, to follow what I do on a daily basis in conjunction with my HH role, feel free to also follow FIT AND FUNKY (my fitness business that my husband and I run together) by LIKING my page at

In case you want to see the emotion behind my decision to leave the classroom, feel free to watch my Big Announcement video

Starting next week I will include a video blog as mentioned earlier. But since this week my blog is about getting to know me, I will attach a few of my existing YouTube videos that show my personality and what I do.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to many future blog posts with you!


3 Comments to “From the Classroom to your Living Room”

  1. Would love to hear how you work healthy eating into your busy schedule. You always seem to be on the go and it amazes me how you can still eat well.

  2. You were an amazing teacher (Hannah can attest to that) and you are an amazing family health expert! So excited to read your weekly blogs, sweet friend!!

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