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October 31, 2012

Glamour Girl Gold and Black

Gold and black mixed together are a hot trend this fall season.  You can do a solid LBD and accessorize with gold. A gold and black clutch, earrings, statement necklace, cocktail ring or edgy cuff paired with black will make an outfit gorgeous and glamourous. (I’m hearing Goldmember from Austin Powers in my mind every time I say gooooold) funny…anyway…
I went to to make my board but you can go there and play and put outfits together that you would be comfortable in before you shop.  I know everyone won’t love the metallic gold J Brand skinnys but guess what? Paired with a black top they are so fun, festive and very chic.  Gold and black will be perfect for holiday parties which are right around the corner.  So now is the time to start planning your holiday party wardrobe. That means eating right and exercising now to look fabulous later!  Be sure to check out Marzia’s Healthy Holiday Challenge that starts today!
One more thing I want to mention is the Narciso Rodriguez limited edition collection at Kohl’s department store. The collection goes on sale November 7 at 7am.  This is a great time to pick up a designer piece for a very affordable price.  I have my eye on a black and white color block dress!!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and great weekend! When you are out running around in Dallas please share if you come across some great value finds or any thing you might want to share with us and I’ll do the same! Kathy, Fit Fashionista
Glamour Girl Gold and Black

H m dress
$48 –

Rag bone tuxedo jacket

J Brand metallic jeans
$390 –

Ravel gold sandals
$130 –

Elie Tahari photo jewelry

BUBA chain jewelry
$200 –

H M tie necklace
$40 –

Kate Spade stud earrings

Nail treatment

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!! Great Pumpkin!!

Hey BOO!! Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, although I am a little bummed I didn’t make it to a costume party this year, so I think I will be dressing up with the kiddos tonight. We are going to be a vampire family, I refuse to grow up on sometimes 😉 ANYWAY… for my blog today I want to tell you all about the “Great Pumpkin”  like I promised I would a couple of weeks ago. The pumpkin is to Halloween what the Christmas tree is to Christmas! It’s a must to have a Jack-O-Lantern at our house! We did our pumpkin carving last night, along with some other gourd goofiness!

The carving directors!


Yes we were chunkin’ pumpkins!!

My Pumpkins with their Pumpkins!

So do you know what this great vegeatation really is? Is it a vegetable or a fruit?

A pumpkin is not a vegetable; it’s a fruit! In fact, it’s a berry. Pumpkins belong to the cucurbit (gourd)  family. A pumpkin is botanically a specialized form of a berry called a pepo, but in a culinary sense, it is a vegetable. That’s why this gets a little confusing. Just remember a fruit is always defined as a producing plant that contains seeds! And yes a pumpkin has some yummy seeds! Pumpkins can come  in many shapes. sizes and colors.

That is what I love about this fruit , each one is it’s own individual work of art from nature! There are pumpkins for cooking, baking and some are grown just for displaying. If you have the space, growing your own  gourds can be quite easy and fun. I remember picking  gourds off the vines when I was a kid, and was  delighted watching them grow because it was always a surprise on how each one was going to turn out. I promised my kids a pumpkin patch next year, well at least a plant or two 😉

The other great thing about this fruit 😉 is that it is delicious and nutrious! It can be used in shakes and coffee to being served as a dessert or a side dish.  Pumpkins are low in calories and sodium and high in fiber. And the tasty seeds I like, are high in protein, B-vitamins and iron. They are very high in the antioxident beta-carotene which helps maintain a healthy body and may help delay aging! So I’d say enjoy your pumpkins in more ways than one! But especially tonight while  they are all burning bright!

                                Have a fun and safe Happy  Halloween! Now I better go get ready! I get to go play vampire!! 🙂                                            

October 30, 2012

Like Fine Wine….Getting Better With Age

They say that fine wine gets better with age…and for me, I feel the same is true, sometimes, for people. I celebrated my 34th birthday this week, and can honestly tell you that I look and feel the best I have in my life. I am not scared of getting older, I embrace it. If I look back ten years ago to my 24th birthday, I can honestly say that I am in a better place emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. With age, comes time, and with time comes experience and with experience comes a different outlook on  situations, problems, adventures, and most importantly LIFE!

Age is just a number…we have all heard that before too. But its so true. Above is a picture of me, my two children (ages 11 and 6) and my own parents (ages 57 and 55). Why do my parents look and feel so young still? Diet and exercise. Do you know that my healthy habits really started with them? They have been into eating right and working out since I was a kid. I grew up knowing that fitness was a non-negotiable and that choosing fruits over desserts was important. Trust me, I was not “neglected” fun treats, ice cream, or pizza….but I did learn how good food can make you feel and how the power of exercise can give you the energy to OWN your day not just go through the motions.


When I left my parents house to go to college, my eating habits changed some, but not drastically. Sure I visited McDonald’s a few more times than I might have had I lived at home, but for the most part I was still eating healthy and I was certainly hitting the gym on a consistent basis. After college, when I got married and decided to have a family, I again knew….proper eating and exercise were a must. I cooked healthy meals, exercised during and after pregnancy. Those goals then led me to where I am today…living a healthy lifestyle and motivating others to do the same.

Are you noticing a pattern here?! Over time, you will age gracefully if you make it a consistent habit to eat right and exercise. There is no fountain of youth. There is no secret potion. There is no magic sauce. This is it…right here. When I tell people my age and the age of my children they are like surprised. Same with my parents. Why?! Because we take care of what we put in our bodies and we take care of the outside of our bodies by not living a yo yo way of life.




It is never too late to reverse the hands of time and the aging process. Move more, eat less junk. Period!


If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few options for you.

1. Join the Healthy Housewives Holiday challenge by visiting

2. Join me, Danielle, in one of my virtual accountability groups through the Beachbody challenge. To see more of what that is all about, watch this video:

October 27, 2012


Hey everyone!

It’s Marzia here. I wanted to let you know that I teamed up with BLK Beverages (the sons of the Housewives of New Jersey)  to put together a workout and nutrition program for you guys! I have 2 different workout programs for you to choose from. Also, pick the nutrition program that suits you the best-Meater or vegan/vegetarian. (Vegetarian-I just put a vegan nutrition plan, you can add your favorite vegetarian proteins to the meals.)

The 30 Day Healthy Holiday Challenge will start Nov 1st. I will wait till you have eaten your fill of Halloween candy on Oct 31st and then it is time to hit it hard for 30 days. Now I know Thanksgiving is coming up, and it does not mean you can eat like a pig. I would like for you guys to eat less bad holiday food than you normally do OR you can have a healthy holiday meal. I have great healthy Thanksgiving recipes coming soon for you. I, myself, actually have 2 options for Thanksgiving:healthy and non-healthy. I am passed stuffing my gut on the holiday’s like I used to. I do however enjoy in small servings.

With that said, these are the rules for the 30 day Healthy Holiday Challenge:

1. Start Nov 1st

2. Try to to the best you can. For results stick to the workout and nutrition plan 90%. For best results-100%.

3. This is week 1 and 2 of your workouts. Whichever workout program you choose to do, please do it for a full 2 weeks and then check back here for week 3 and 4.

4. The nutrition plan stays the same for 30 days. there is variety for you to eat. Try to not have “cheat days” because that is WAY to much cheating, have “treat meal’s”. I enjoy 2 “treat meals”a week. (For me-it is Friday night and Saturday night dinners when I socialize with friends and family.) Other than that, I stick to the plan. Please be prepared. But the right food and nourish your body heal it.

5. Please take your measurements and pictures of yourselves to chart your progress. You want progress, right? This will be your hard numbers to see where you are at. If you make progress, please take a pic and tag us and we will feature you on the Healthy Housewives Facebook page or you could potentially be a Healthy Housewife of the month covergirl!

6. Check back with our Healthy Housewives Facebook page so we can keep you motivated. We will have you check in with us on Facebook!

7. This will be part 1 of the Healthy Housewives Holiday Challenge. We will have part 2 in December! We need to support each other to be healthy, right?

Ok, to get your nutrition and workout program for the next 2 weeks, click here:

Thank you for being a part of the family and keep inspiring us to be healthy!

Yours in Health,


October 26, 2012

Making Halloween a Happy Time for Your Pets

Hello, everyone! It’s that special time of year again. Yep, it’s almost Halloween! The cool, crisp air of autumn has finally crept into Texas, just in time to chill us as we meander around the town in search of ghoulish good cheer. Though most of us agree that Halloween night is full of creepy fun, our pets may have a whole different opinion of it. Imagine your pets relaxing in your home day in and day out with their comfortable routines and normal sounds and smells . . . and then suddenly, the air is filled with continual knocking and ringing of the doorbell, along with heightened commotion and wads of strangers at the front door every few minutes. Who’s there? A scary lobster? An overgrown cat? And what is that—a witch looming behind that fairy with the nice face? Someone tell her, quick! Should I attack or save myself?!?

Imagine the scary confusion your pets face during this time. You can definitely make this night more fun for your animals by remembering a few helpful tips:

Trick-or-Treat: Unless your pets are super social and LOVE people and hubbub, kindly keep them closed in a quiet room away from Treat-or-Treat Central. The stress of constant costumed strangers can cause nervous diarrhea, fear, or even aggression, even in normally friendly pets.

Candy Cautions: Be sure to keep all your yummy treats away from the fur kids, no matter how sadly they peer up at you. Also, keep that candy hidden and off of counters or tables—even if you have no intention of sharing your candy haul with your pets, they are notorious for nosing out the sweet stuff. Chocolate is extremely toxic (and sometimes fatal) to animals, dogs especially. Signs of chocolate toxicity include nervousness, tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart rate, and in some cases, seizures and death. Even “sugar-free” candies, gum, mints, chocolate, and baked goods containing xylitol, an artificial sweetener, are poisonous. Ingestion of these tasty treats can cause rapid hypoglycemia and liver failure—yikes! If you suspect your pet has eaten chocolate or any other treat, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately.

Jack-o-Lanterns: Carved pumpkins definitely make Halloween more festive, but be careful if you decide to add a candle to your jack-o-lantern. Wagging tails and zooming cats can easily knock over a lit pumpkin, and candles always pose a danger to curious animals. A good way to have your candle and, um, “eat” it too is to buy battery-operated votives and column candles. Isn’t this time of year nicer when you can relax with your artificial candlelight? Hmmm.

Dressing Up: It’s very tempting to dress your pets in costume, but if you do, just take a bit of care to ensure they are as excited about the prospect as you are. If your pet is scared of that absolutely adorable outfit you bought her, please be kind and don’t force her to endure the costume for your entertainment. If she is up for the adventure, make sure the costume is not annoying or unsafe. You want to be sure she can see and hear her surroundings easily, and watch out for elastic parts—they shouldn’t be too tight on her skin and fur. Also, keep an eye out for small, easily chewed pieces like buttons, strings, and feathers—you don’t want to end your night of merriment in emergency surgery with your pet! Lastly, do not leave your costumed pet unattended at any time.

Collars and Tags: With your front door opening and closing all evening, always be sure your pets have ID tags on. All it takes is a few seconds of distraction, and your beloved pet can slip quietly out the door. That’s a very scary thought!

 Animal Safety: Be watchful of your animal’s safety, especially if you have a beautiful black cat. Often, pet stores and humane societies will not allow adoption of black cats around Halloween (sometimes even during the whole month of October) because of potential animal cruelty by pranksters or other sick individuals. If you see any act of animal cruelty on Halloween or any time of the year, please call your local police department immediately. If they are unable to assist, call your local animal shelter or humane society. Animal abuse is illegal in all 50 states (and a felony in 46). If you make a report of alleged animal abuse, the responding agency is required to investigate. Because animals cannot speak for themselves, it’s up to us to keep them safe and happy!

Ok, friends and fellow animal lovers, have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the spooky season! See you here next week!

XO, Brooke

October 24, 2012

Happy Plants, Healthy You!

Hey it’s Sandy and now that I’m the outdoor living expert for the healthy housewives I think  for my blog once a month  I will introduce a new plant or talk about plants! I know not everyone has a green thumb, but I love plants, and feel every home should have some!! Houseplants bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. 🙂 There are many health benefits by having plants in your home environment. They do everything from improving your air quality as well as contirbuting to your mental well being! Here’s a simplified list of  benefits that I came across and want to share with you.

  1. Plants can remove airborne contaminants: We breathe the same air again and again, potentially inhaling harmful substances that are trapped inside. Indoor plants can help to remove pollutants including VOCs that cause headaches, nausea, and more.
  2. Plants can stop your headaches: Filling your home with plants can decrease or eliminate headaches. With plants, you’re much less likely to be breathing the kind of stuffy, stale air that contributes to headaches.
  3. Plants can make you happy: House plants can contribute to a feeling of wellbeing, making you calmer and more optimistic. Studies have shown that patients who face a garden view in their hospital rooms often recover more quickly than those facing a wall.
  4. Plants can improve your mental health: Caring for a living thing can help when you’re depressed and lonely, giving you a purpose in life.
  5. Plants can decrease your blood pressure: People with plants in their homes have less stress, and plants have been known to contribute to lower blood pressure.
  6. Plants can reduce carbon dioxide: During photosynthesis, plants draw carbon dioxide from the air. Removing this substance can help prevent drowsiness from elevated levels.
  7. Plants can offer treatment: Some indoor plants, like aloe, can be applied to skin and offer pain relief.
  8. Plants can prevent allergies: Exposing children to allergens such as plants early in life can help them build a tolerance and immunity to the allergen. It works like a custom allergy shot, naturally.
  9. Plants can negate cigarette smoke: If you are a smoker or live with one, a plant may help you remove the airborne chemicals from cigarettes. In particular, the Peace Lily is a good choice for this health benefit.
  10. : Potted plants and flowers can improve your idea generation, mood, and more.
  11. Plants provide clean air: In addition to filtering chemicals, plants also put out clean air, improving the air quality around them.
  12. Plants can clear congestion: Eucalyptus in particular can help clear phlegm and congestion from your system. In fact, eucalyptus is often found in congestion remedies.
  13. Plants are natural humidifiers: Instead of buying a humidifier machine to soften the air, just bring in a plant or two.
  14. Plants can improve your sleep: Gerbera daisies give off oxygen at night. Filling a vase in your bedroom with these flowers can improve your night’s rest.

Here’s a list of plants that are best for purifying the air in your home

  • Areca palm                                                                               
  • Reed palm
  • Dwarf date palm
  • Boston fern
  • Janet Craig dracaena
  • English ivy
  • Australian sword fern
  • Peace lily
  • Rubber plant
  • Weeping fig

So I encourage you to bring in a little more green inside for a healthier household! I’ll share these health benefits in more detail as I introduce some of these wonderful plants to you in my blogs to come! Happy planting!

October 22, 2012

Fit For Two

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please look at the slideshow to see Cheneil Torbert…my epitome of Fit For Two. She is in her 38th week of pregnancy and still staying active. Of course, this is a conversation that you need to have with your physician, but as long as you have no conditions that for the safety of you and baby during pregnancy would hinder you from working out, then exercising is actually extremely beneficial for not only  you, but for the baby and will help you bounce back quicker postpartum.
You might be wondering, well can I lift weights or what about ab work? Well, what I love most about Cheneil is that she stayed knowledgeable throughout her pregnancy and was able to modify all the moves we did in class to keep it safe for her and baby. She never went above ten pound weights, and often would use a step bench to ensure that she was never laying completely flat and so that her heart was always above her head.
What about cardio? Cheneil likes to keep her cardio going with dance. Check out this video of her breaking it down. Dance is low impact so a great way to get the heart rate elevated but at a safe rate. Of course, walking is always another good option..just not quite as fun as dropping it like its hot!
In another blog we will discuss eating for two, but in this blog I really wanted you to just realize that exercise is good for you and for baby. If you aren’t sure what to do, reach out for help. Get books, subcribe to magazines and blogs, head into a group exercise class at they gym, or of course reach out to us, the Healthy Housewives. We are here to help you stay fit for two.


October 22, 2012

Your Best Brows Ever!

Which shape are you?

The wrong eyebrow shape can instantly change your facial expression. Brows that are too high can give you a permanent surprised expression, and brows that are too low, or arched incorrectly, can make you appear angry. The right eyebrow shape draws attention to your face and enhances your eyes. The contour of your face can help determine your most flattering eyebrow shape. Learn how to recognize the different facial shapes to help find the right eyebrows for you.
First, clean your face. Remove all makeup from your face with makeup remover, because makeup can add shade and contours to your face that change the appearance its shape.

Second, pull your hair back away from your face.

Determine the shape of your face. Look at the outline of your face in the mirror. If your head is egg-shaped with the forehead wider than your chin, your head is oval-shaped. Your face is considered round if its width equals its length. If your jaw has sharp angles and your forehead is wide, you most likely have a square head. If the length of your face is longer than its width and your chin is very noticeable, you have a oblong face shape. Your face is diamond-shaped if it’s angular with the widest part at the temples. A heart-shaped face has a small chin and widens at the cheeks and temples.

Match your head shape with a flattering eyebrow shape. Oval head shapes look best with a soft-angled eyebrow; round faces look best with high-arched brows because these add length; make a curved eyebrow if you have a square or diamond-shaped face, because the curved brow helps balance the prominent facial angles; oblong faces are shortened in length by a horizontal brow; and heart-shaped faces look best with a round, low-arched brow.

Use this handy measuring guide to pick the right palcement for arches and where brows should end on the outside of the temple.
Make sure to talk with your stylist or esthetician to determine the right shape for you. Don’t just let anyone slap some wax or thread your brows. The wrong person can ruin them and it can take up to a year to get them back to where they need to be. Trust me, I’ve done many “brow interventions” in my time.

Happy tweezing! (you tweeze a brow, you pluck a chicken)
–Shelly Mac


October 20, 2012




Hey Healthy Housewives Family!

Marzia here! Before I begin my blog, I just want to say thank you to all our family, friends, and fans for making our Facebook page so successfull! We have so much fun interacting with you. You inspire us too! So, keep the comments and feedback coming! WE LOVE IT!

I try to coordinate 1 Healthy Housewives event a month, sometimes we have 2-3 events a  month. It could be a fashion show, a charity event, or just a laid back dinner party. But where ever we go, we keep health in mind. I am not saying we are 100% perfect, what would be the fun in that!? We do like to have a good time. Life is meant to be enjoyed, especially with good company.

This month I decided to coordinate a birthday bowling party for three of the Healthy Housewives. Danielle had mentioned to me about getting together for a bowling night, so I ran with it. One of my favorite bowling places is Splitsville in Fairview, Texas. It is such a clean classy place with GREAT food. I have bowled there before and had a great experience, so I decided to book the event there.

With all 6 of our schedules being busy, we missed out on Sandy’s Sept b-day, so we wanted to celebrate her birthday with the October Birthday girls Kathy and Danielle. Sandy’s birthday was Sept 26th, so why not! At Splitsville Lanes, they did a very special birthday sign for the birthday girls! Thank you Splitsville!

The 3 Healthy Housewives birthday girls!












Ok, so if you don’t me yet, a little about myself, when it comes to a birthday, special occasion, or a good party-I love to host! All my friends and family will tell you that I am very detailed oriented. I pay attention to the little things! With that being said, I set out to do something special for the girl’s birthday bowling party. With a birthday party comes a birthday sweet treat, whether it is a cake or a cupcake. I thought a fun cupcake would be perfect! So, I went to my favorite bakery Frost It in Frisco, Texas. They have made extravagent birthday cakes for me in the past and are very talented. I thought it would be fun for the girls to have thier own cupckae with their bikini image on it. After all they did work hard to get their HOT bodies. All the other cupcakes would have the Healthy Housewives logo. So, I got some custom key lime cupcakes made for this fun bowling party!

So with the cupckaes being ordered, it was time to get some fun thoughtful gifts. Hmm…what to get a Healthy Housewife? I had heard Danielle mention at our healthy dinner party that she never owned a pair of ballet flats! WHAT!? I couldn”t believe my ears. I knew that I had to break her in. Every girl needs to have a pair of stylish flats to save thier feet from heels from time to time. I set out to find the perfect ballet flat for Danielle. If you know Danielle like I do, she has an edge to her. She is one tough B*TCH! It was only proper to get her a pair of black leather ballet flats with studs. I really wasn’t sure if she would like them because she said she liked them on other people but hated them on herself. But, I knew these would be perfect for her. As soon as she opened the gift and saw the box, she knew right away! And to my surprise, she loved them! YAY! She was so excited she was doing ballet moves in them right away! LOL!

Danielle being a goofball in her new ballet flats!

For Kathy, who is our Fit Fashionista, I got her some fun accessories-Kate Spade bangles. This girl loves her accessories!

Kathy showing off her Kate Spade bangles.


For Sandy, who has been my bestie for 7 1/2 years, I got her the gift everyone loves…MONEY! I figure she could treat herself to the gift of her liking.










The night went flawlessly, from the awesome birthday sign from Splitsville, the cupcakes, the thoughtful birthday gifts, and the ost important part of the night, BOWLING! It was the birthday girls against the non-birthday girls! In the end, the non-birthday girls won, but nevertheless, we all had a great time!

We ordered healthy meals at the bowling alley, but did cheat with some fun cocktails and some cupcakes.

WHAT?! Healthy eats at the bowling alley? Yes, it can be done!

The next event we are planning is a Healthy Housewives Thanksgiving Dinner! We will post healthy Thanksgiving recipes for you guys! Just in time for the holidays!

Stay tuned for my next blog (I blog on Saturdays) I will be posting our Healthy Housewives Holiday challenge for you guys. We will leave no one out! I have a vegan/vegetarian nutriiton plan and a carnivore nutrition plan. I will also have 2 workout plans. One for the bodybuilding style workout and one for the high intensity cardio resistance training style. You will get great results with either.

Ok guys, thanks for reading and I will try to post some video soon. I am learning the editing software, so please be patient. I have tons of footage and got to get caught up!

Until next week…


October 19, 2012

The Value of Massage (As If You Needed a Reason)

Do you remember how good you felt the last time you had a massage? Depending on just what’s been going on in your body and how you carry the stresses of your life, the “afterglow” of a therapeutic massage can range from peaceful calm and a more pliable body to the sense of walking a little bit above the ground, with your spirit more buoyant than it was before and your steps less heavy. When I get a massage, I always notice how soft my skin is and how much more expansive I feel in my body—like I’m more fully present inside myself. I can breathe more deeply and easily, and the normal feel of my muscles pinched up in anxiety and stress is gone, at least until the next day. The next day? That’s crazy! This feeling of bliss should last for more than a day, but it rapidly devolves into the craziness of managing my life. I’m working on keeping that bliss going, though—I’ll let you know when I come up with something.


As you might expect, massage is beneficial to us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So, even though massage may feel like a luxury to be savored only on special occasions, it can be an incredibly important part of your self-care regimen (you do have one of those, right?). Regular massage therapy can improve your quality of life and health in numerous ways. It has been found to:

  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Increase circulation
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Bestow greater energy
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve concentration
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relieve muscle tension and pain
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Improve respiration
  • Help manage chronic pain
  • Detoxify the body
  • Increase immunity
  • Improve skin integrity

The most obvious benefit of massage is touch. In addition to feeling wonderful, the value of touch in our lives is enormously important. It is one of our earliest instincts, and the need for comforting contact extends across the animal kingdom. Studies have shown that touch is vital for proper physical and psychological development in babies, recovery from injuries, management of chronic diseases, treatment of neurological disorders, and maintenance of emotional health. Today, therapeutic touch is becoming more mainstream, evidenced by its primary place in complementary and alternative medicine as well as the increasing availability of massage therapy in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, neonatal units, hospice services, retirement communities, and almost every shopping center! In the near future, we’ll dig deeper into how you can add massage into your life, even if it’s part of your self-care routine at home; how you can help yourself when you give yourself whiplash (let’s move on, shall we?); and how you can spread comforting touch to the human and animal loved ones in your life. Take good care of yourselves, and have a wonderful weekend.