Time to Repot Things!

Hi! It’s Sandy and I just want to tell everybody what a gorgeous day it is in Texas today!! We woke up to a  fresh crisp morning, and the rest of the day is in the high 70’s. Cooler weather is on its way and its a gorgeous day for  an outside  project! This is the perfect time for  preparing your plants for being brought in for the winter and doing any repotting that needs to be done beforehand. If you are like me and have a lot of potted plants outside, this may be the perfect time to share some of them with family and friends otherwise your house may  look like a small jungle! If you have hanging baskets with trailing plants you can trim them back which will stimulate new growth and create a fuller plant. Depending on the plant, some cuttings can be rooted to start a new plant or  simply be rooted it in the same pot to create fullness.

When it comes to repotting  plants springtime is ideal, but I like doing it now because by the end of summer the Texas heat can leave plants a little weary. The other reasons you might need to repot is, if a plant is root bound or overgrown the pot ( where roots are coming out the bottom) Repotting a plant isn’t rocket science but follow these basic steps and tips and with a little TLC  your plants will love ya!

Removing the plant from the pot. If  the plants soil is dry, lightly water the plant, and let it absorb for 30-60 minutes then gently remove the plant from the pot.  DO NOT yank a plant out of its pot by the stem! Do you want pulled out of a car by your hair? Just simply turn the pot over and gently pull the pot up and away from the plant. If it doesn’t come out easily then gently squeeze the sides of pot or tap on sides to loosen it.

Check & prep the roots.  Loosen the root ball gently with your fingers , but be careful not to cause any root damage. Trim off any dead or rotted roots.

Fresh pot. The guideline for a new pot is to never go up more than 2 inches in pot size. This could affect the plants growth. In general, you should only repot a plant up one size of pot. Depending on the pot and what it  has for drainage  your may need to place some rocks or  create drainage if the pot doesn’t have any holes. Add new potting soil to bottom of pot, but only enough to bring the plant about 1-2 inches below the new pot. Gently set the new plant in the pot and backfill with new potting soil. It is very important that the plant isn’t deeper than it was in the original pot. Do not to cover the top of the old dirt. Gently fill the sides with fresh dirt, press the soil down firmly and tap the pot gently to settle all the dirt. Then  after watering thoroughly, you may need to add alittle more dirt if it settles.

Once you have your plants repotted not all of them are ready to come inside, just like they need to acclimate to temperatures they need to acclimate to light conditions. Outdoor plants that have been in a sunny spot should be moved to lower light conditions first. And on the otherhand keep in mind plants that have been in shade outside wouldn’t do well in a sunny window inside . Well just remember thoughtful TLC works well with are plant friends. Enjoy the weather and happy repotting!

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