Mums the Word, for Fall Color!

Hi!  It’s Sandy and I just want to tell you about one of my favorite fall plants, It’s the chrysanthemum or what most of us  know as mums. I’m sure it is the most used plant of the season and for many good reasons. Mums are a great choice because there are so many varieties with different shapes and colors, there are several ways they can bring back some life to to your patio and lansdcaping after summer blooming has ended, and  mums simply  have a lot of “Bang for their Buck !” They are an inexpensve plant that gives brilliant long lasting color and are easy to care for. They have perfect colors for fall, so many rich oranges, reds, yellows and gold.

There are two main types of mums “florist” mums which are for mainly indoors and they are what we see in a lot of floral arrangements and  the garden or “hardy” mums. These are the ones best for outside decorating for fall and garden mums is what I’m going to talk about,  although you can plant them directly into the ground,  I love using them in pots and containers on the porch or patio.  In flowerbeds mums are good in mass platntings and give an instant blanket of color. They need to get full sun and be in well drained soil. They hate being to wet and will turn brown on you. Most “hardy” mums are  perennials in Zones 5 to 9, but because of their low cost many times they are treated like an annual.

Like I said my favorite way to using mums is in containers, they can brighten up window boxes, baskets and any old pot! It’s a plant you can bring home and easily plop in about anything and it’s beautiful! Another way is to use mums is in container gardenig. I have a big metal pot thats sits at my front door and every fall I use a mum in place of a plant that has run its course and faded. They pair well with ornamental grasses and trailing plants. SO! Mums the word! Go grab some and keep your  outside fall decor and landscaping bright and shining!! 😉

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