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September 11, 2012

The Hidden Dangers of Make Up Counters

Recently I visited a popular makeup counter during fashion week to get the latest in fall makeup. Well I came home with more than the latest fall look.  I woke the next morning with two bright red eyes!  After a  visit to the doctor, it was confirmed. I had a double eye infection. After using my prescription drops a couple times they looked and felt soooo much better.  I then called the counter I visited just one day before to let them know what happened. Not because I was mad, but just to let them know so they could share it with co-workers and be more diligent in their sanitation practices.  After all these things happen. After assuring me that they absolutely sanitize every brush in between clients and it couldn’t possibly happen, I was fuming!   They just kept saying ” just bring all the makeup back and we’ll be happy to refund you”.  I said “it’s not the makeup, it was from the girl who did my makeup.”. I didn’t want to return anything!  I just wanted her to listen to me and share with her co-workers. Geez!











So since this experience I wanted to go through the basics of makeup sanitation. This is common sense stuff more most of you.  Sometimes we need to go through the basics so we don’t get lazy.












1. Make sure your hands and face are clean!  If you pet your dog, go to the bathroom, touch anything before you start. Wash your hands again.  Bacteria is everywhere and it’s just waiting to cause irritations and breakouts on your face. If you have any level of acne this is a MUST!   ( also side note: use a clean washcloth and face towel every day. Bacteria thrive in damp towels)

2.  When applying foundation, use a fresh sponge every time. Disposable sponges are $2 for 24. A small price to pay for that reassurance. I’ve seen it many times. The girl in the bathroom with a dirty orange sponge hanging in her makeup bag.  How old is that? Gross!  Throw it out and get a new one. If you use an expensive sponge, wash it every 3-4 days and let air dry overnight on a clean towel. Replace as often as you can.

3. Wash your makeup brushes every week and let air dry overnight. Expensive brushes are made from real animal hair and need extra care.  Use the shampoo that comes with the brushes if you can or use a mild shampoo like baby shampoo.  Using regular soap will dry them out, make them brittle and the hairs will fall out prematurely.

4. Clean your makeup bag. Putting clean brushes back in a dirty bag is pointless. Every time you wash your brushes wipeout your makeup bag with a Clorox wipe.

5. Throw away old opened makeup. For eyeliner 3 months, for mascara 2 months (it’s probably dried out anyway), for liquid foundations 3 months. Powder foundations and shadows should be fine for 12 months given you are being super clean.

6. Don’t share makeup!  I know it’s fun to try your girlfriends new lipgloss. Just be willing to pay the price just in case. And if someone asks to use yours just say “I’m sorry, I don’t share makeup with anyone.” chances are they’ll be understanding.

7. If you’re getting your makeup done professionally ask them how they sanitized the brushes and/or ask if it’s ok to bring your own.

Be diligent and you’ll have a clean and clear fresh face and more importantly no eye infections!

Thanks y’all

Shelly Mac