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September 5, 2012

Welcoming Fall Into Your Home!

Hey everybody! It’s here! My favorite time of year! I absolutely love the fall!

I love so many things, from the beginning of the new school year, the change of the weather to all the spectacular colors of the season! It’s also my favorite time to decorate the house and especially decorate the front porch! AlI the rich gold, oranges and reds with the browns go so well with my rustic country home! Secretly…I also think it’s because I really miss the leaves changing colors from my younger years up north.

So this weekend I have some projects planned with the kids to make new wreaths for the front and back door, get our scarecrow out, rearrange some pots and furniture and get some new fall plants. I think it’s important to make a statement with the front porch. It’s the first impression someone has of your home and of course adds to your curb appeal! AND it’s a nice way to put a smile on you and your family face every time you step through the front door! Here’s a website I found for with some great porch ideas.

Fall is fun and inexpensive to decorate for because you can use a lot of natural materials such as twigs, acorns, leaves pumpkins and gourds. We get most of this right out of our backyard!!  You can make some good finds at garage sales (recycling at it’s best! 😉  And pick up some cheap fall leaves and berries at the dollar store!! Another great thing about fall decorating is you get to make small changes and simple transitions every few weeks. I start with the basic Autumn colors, then add black and  creepy things for Halloween time and come November I remove the spooks and do a Thanksgiving theme. We have one main prop though. He’s a large scarecrow that sit’s in his chair for the whole 3 months! He’s been a ghost a couple of times for Halloween…covered with crows and spiders, AND I usually let the kids pick what he’s going to be for Halloween…. But maybe this year he can be a pirate! Hmmm! I wouldn’t mind Captain Jack Sparrow welcoming me home! Lol! 😉