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September 25, 2012

Time to Repot Things!

Hi! It’s Sandy and I just want to tell everybody what a gorgeous day it is in Texas today!! We woke up to a  fresh crisp morning, and the rest of the day is in the high 70’s. Cooler weather is on its way and its a gorgeous day for  an outside  project! This is the perfect time for  preparing your plants for being brought in for the winter and doing any repotting that needs to be done beforehand. If you are like me and have a lot of potted plants outside, this may be the perfect time to share some of them with family and friends otherwise your house may  look like a small jungle! If you have hanging baskets with trailing plants you can trim them back which will stimulate new growth and create a fuller plant. Depending on the plant, some cuttings can be rooted to start a new plant or  simply be rooted it in the same pot to create fullness.

When it comes to repotting  plants springtime is ideal, but I like doing it now because by the end of summer the Texas heat can leave plants a little weary. The other reasons you might need to repot is, if a plant is root bound or overgrown the pot ( where roots are coming out the bottom) Repotting a plant isn’t rocket science but follow these basic steps and tips and with a little TLC  your plants will love ya!

Removing the plant from the pot. If  the plants soil is dry, lightly water the plant, and let it absorb for 30-60 minutes then gently remove the plant from the pot.  DO NOT yank a plant out of its pot by the stem! Do you want pulled out of a car by your hair? Just simply turn the pot over and gently pull the pot up and away from the plant. If it doesn’t come out easily then gently squeeze the sides of pot or tap on sides to loosen it.

Check & prep the roots.  Loosen the root ball gently with your fingers , but be careful not to cause any root damage. Trim off any dead or rotted roots.

Fresh pot. The guideline for a new pot is to never go up more than 2 inches in pot size. This could affect the plants growth. In general, you should only repot a plant up one size of pot. Depending on the pot and what it  has for drainage  your may need to place some rocks or  create drainage if the pot doesn’t have any holes. Add new potting soil to bottom of pot, but only enough to bring the plant about 1-2 inches below the new pot. Gently set the new plant in the pot and backfill with new potting soil. It is very important that the plant isn’t deeper than it was in the original pot. Do not to cover the top of the old dirt. Gently fill the sides with fresh dirt, press the soil down firmly and tap the pot gently to settle all the dirt. Then  after watering thoroughly, you may need to add alittle more dirt if it settles.

Once you have your plants repotted not all of them are ready to come inside, just like they need to acclimate to temperatures they need to acclimate to light conditions. Outdoor plants that have been in a sunny spot should be moved to lower light conditions first. And on the otherhand keep in mind plants that have been in shade outside wouldn’t do well in a sunny window inside . Well just remember thoughtful TLC works well with are plant friends. Enjoy the weather and happy repotting!

September 24, 2012


How to be your own classic beauty. 

1. Classic women never wear highly trendy clothes. They wear classic pieces such as a simple black dress with a striking accessory, a colorful scarf or a set of pearls. Purchase pieces to fill your wardrobe with clothes that will not go out of style next season and truly express who you are.

2. Do not be afraid of strong color: Bright colors selectively placed will make your face more youthful and add more vitality to your look. There is a reason why our ancestors were so enamored with rouge. Select your best feature to highlight and keep the rest of the face light and clean.

3. Your eyes are strong communicators and therefore should be well framed. Find an esthetician you trust to keep your brows groomed for your face shape.

4. How you eat truly shows in your complexion. Raw foods, fruits, and vegetables make skin almost glow from the inside, with a fresh dewy texture that make-up cannot duplicate. Eating well is the best way to maintain your looks.

5. Follow your hair’s natural color and texture to keep styling time to a minimum. Always aim for a shiny, healthy style. Consult a hairdresser to figure out what style will suit your face and be the easiest way to maintain your hair.

6. Keep nails and toenails looking prim and proper. A simple French manicure is always elegant. Lighter shades will coordinate with any outfit.

7. Find the classic colors that look best with your complexion and eye color. For example:

  • Blue Eyes: Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Light Green, Grey-White, Black, Turquoise, Blue-Purple, Dark Red.
  • Brown Eyes: Any Pink, Charcoal, Any Dark Color, Gold, Green.
  • Green Eyes: Green, Dark Red, Dark Blue, Black, Brown, Off-White

8. Look for eye shadow and blush that complement your skin tone. Try plum shades for green eyes, rose for brown and peach for blue. Warm tones complement skin with yellow, peach or olive tones. Cool tones complement skin with pink tones.

9. You can achieve multiple looks with a few colors of lip gloss. These basic colors work well on most women: Beige, Pink, Red, and Clear. A lip liner in a similar tone as your lip gloss applied all over the lips will give the gloss staying power.

10. Smile. Classic women always seem to be in a good mood. Smile to people and you will feel better instantly no matter how your day is going.

Also here is a fun quiz from daily glow on which classic Beaty icon are you?


I’m Sophia Loren. Woo hoo


Shelly Mac

September 12, 2012

Mums the Word, for Fall Color!

Hi!  It’s Sandy and I just want to tell you about one of my favorite fall plants, It’s the chrysanthemum or what most of us  know as mums. I’m sure it is the most used plant of the season and for many good reasons. Mums are a great choice because there are so many varieties with different shapes and colors, there are several ways they can bring back some life to to your patio and lansdcaping after summer blooming has ended, and  mums simply  have a lot of “Bang for their Buck !” They are an inexpensve plant that gives brilliant long lasting color and are easy to care for. They have perfect colors for fall, so many rich oranges, reds, yellows and gold.

There are two main types of mums “florist” mums which are for mainly indoors and they are what we see in a lot of floral arrangements and  the garden or “hardy” mums. These are the ones best for outside decorating for fall and garden mums is what I’m going to talk about,  although you can plant them directly into the ground,  I love using them in pots and containers on the porch or patio.  In flowerbeds mums are good in mass platntings and give an instant blanket of color. They need to get full sun and be in well drained soil. They hate being to wet and will turn brown on you. Most “hardy” mums are  perennials in Zones 5 to 9, but because of their low cost many times they are treated like an annual.

Like I said my favorite way to using mums is in containers, they can brighten up window boxes, baskets and any old pot! It’s a plant you can bring home and easily plop in about anything and it’s beautiful! Another way is to use mums is in container gardenig. I have a big metal pot thats sits at my front door and every fall I use a mum in place of a plant that has run its course and faded. They pair well with ornamental grasses and trailing plants. SO! Mums the word! Go grab some and keep your  outside fall decor and landscaping bright and shining!! 😉

September 11, 2012

The Hidden Dangers of Make Up Counters

Recently I visited a popular makeup counter during fashion week to get the latest in fall makeup. Well I came home with more than the latest fall look.  I woke the next morning with two bright red eyes!  After a  visit to the doctor, it was confirmed. I had a double eye infection. After using my prescription drops a couple times they looked and felt soooo much better.  I then called the counter I visited just one day before to let them know what happened. Not because I was mad, but just to let them know so they could share it with co-workers and be more diligent in their sanitation practices.  After all these things happen. After assuring me that they absolutely sanitize every brush in between clients and it couldn’t possibly happen, I was fuming!   They just kept saying ” just bring all the makeup back and we’ll be happy to refund you”.  I said “it’s not the makeup, it was from the girl who did my makeup.”. I didn’t want to return anything!  I just wanted her to listen to me and share with her co-workers. Geez!











So since this experience I wanted to go through the basics of makeup sanitation. This is common sense stuff more most of you.  Sometimes we need to go through the basics so we don’t get lazy.












1. Make sure your hands and face are clean!  If you pet your dog, go to the bathroom, touch anything before you start. Wash your hands again.  Bacteria is everywhere and it’s just waiting to cause irritations and breakouts on your face. If you have any level of acne this is a MUST!   ( also side note: use a clean washcloth and face towel every day. Bacteria thrive in damp towels)

2.  When applying foundation, use a fresh sponge every time. Disposable sponges are $2 for 24. A small price to pay for that reassurance. I’ve seen it many times. The girl in the bathroom with a dirty orange sponge hanging in her makeup bag.  How old is that? Gross!  Throw it out and get a new one. If you use an expensive sponge, wash it every 3-4 days and let air dry overnight on a clean towel. Replace as often as you can.

3. Wash your makeup brushes every week and let air dry overnight. Expensive brushes are made from real animal hair and need extra care.  Use the shampoo that comes with the brushes if you can or use a mild shampoo like baby shampoo.  Using regular soap will dry them out, make them brittle and the hairs will fall out prematurely.

4. Clean your makeup bag. Putting clean brushes back in a dirty bag is pointless. Every time you wash your brushes wipeout your makeup bag with a Clorox wipe.

5. Throw away old opened makeup. For eyeliner 3 months, for mascara 2 months (it’s probably dried out anyway), for liquid foundations 3 months. Powder foundations and shadows should be fine for 12 months given you are being super clean.

6. Don’t share makeup!  I know it’s fun to try your girlfriends new lipgloss. Just be willing to pay the price just in case. And if someone asks to use yours just say “I’m sorry, I don’t share makeup with anyone.” chances are they’ll be understanding.

7. If you’re getting your makeup done professionally ask them how they sanitized the brushes and/or ask if it’s ok to bring your own.

Be diligent and you’ll have a clean and clear fresh face and more importantly no eye infections!

Thanks y’all

Shelly Mac

September 8, 2012

September 5, 2012

Welcoming Fall Into Your Home!

Hey everybody! It’s here! My favorite time of year! I absolutely love the fall!

I love so many things, from the beginning of the new school year, the change of the weather to all the spectacular colors of the season! It’s also my favorite time to decorate the house and especially decorate the front porch! AlI the rich gold, oranges and reds with the browns go so well with my rustic country home! Secretly…I also think it’s because I really miss the leaves changing colors from my younger years up north.

So this weekend I have some projects planned with the kids to make new wreaths for the front and back door, get our scarecrow out, rearrange some pots and furniture and get some new fall plants. I think it’s important to make a statement with the front porch. It’s the first impression someone has of your home and of course adds to your curb appeal! AND it’s a nice way to put a smile on you and your family face every time you step through the front door! Here’s a website I found for with some great porch ideas.

Fall is fun and inexpensive to decorate for because you can use a lot of natural materials such as twigs, acorns, leaves pumpkins and gourds. We get most of this right out of our backyard!!  You can make some good finds at garage sales (recycling at it’s best! 😉  And pick up some cheap fall leaves and berries at the dollar store!! Another great thing about fall decorating is you get to make small changes and simple transitions every few weeks. I start with the basic Autumn colors, then add black and  creepy things for Halloween time and come November I remove the spooks and do a Thanksgiving theme. We have one main prop though. He’s a large scarecrow that sit’s in his chair for the whole 3 months! He’s been a ghost a couple of times for Halloween…covered with crows and spiders, AND I usually let the kids pick what he’s going to be for Halloween…. But maybe this year he can be a pirate! Hmmm! I wouldn’t mind Captain Jack Sparrow welcoming me home! Lol! 😉

September 4, 2012


It’s always been said, when the economy goes down, lipstick sales go up. It’s the one thing we can do to totally change our look for under $25. Alchohol sales go up too but we’re not going there. 


I have worn the same lipgloss for I think 4 years now so I decided to break out of my shell. And can I just tell you everyone has noticed! 


Here’s a few new lip trends to try out!


An Array of reds. Lipsticks most iconic color. With lots of brick reds on the runways.


Shown here Revlon matte lipstick in In The Red



Mulberry mouths by Gucci



Nude muted lips are the perfect compliment to falls trendy, smoky eye.


Shown here Clinique High Impact lip color SPF 15, In a Nutshell



Have fun breaking out of your shells ladies!!


Shelly Mac