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August 13, 2012

Think before you speak

Albert Einstein said everything is energy. Remember
his formula E=mc squared? He believed that energy and matter were interchangeable.
Everything is vibrating energy, including our bodies.
Every word and every thought carries a certain
vibrational frequency. A Japanese scientist, Dr.
Masaru Emoto, proved this when he did an experiment
with water. He found out that water is affected by
words. He took water droplets and exposed them to
various words. He froze them for three hours and then
examined the crystal formations under a microscope.
The results were totally astounding. When positive
words were spoken over the water, it formed beautiful
patterns. Negative words produced ugly patterns. Since
our bodies are approximately 72% water, we know that
our bodies are greatly affected by negative speech. He
did another experiment with rice where he spoke “I
love you” to a jar of rice for 30 days. To another jar
of rice, he spoke the words “You fool.” After 30 days,
the rice in the “I love you” jar was white and the
rice in the “You fool” jar was black and rotten.
(Facts taken from Dr. Emoto’s book “The Hidden
Messages in Water”.)

Now think about the things we’ve said to those we love, to ourselves? Sometimes we think a curt word is deserved and even makes us feel better, but we are hurting with our words more than we realize.

It can be scientifically documented that everything
has either positive or negative frequencies. Foods
even have frequencies. Fresh food has a higher
frequency than processed foods. On the other hand,
coffee has a negative frequency. Prayer actually
raises a person’s frequency by 15 MHz. If our
frequency gets low, we get sick. A healthy body has a
frequency between 62-68 MHz. If a person’s frequency
dips to 58 MHz., cold symptoms develop. Flu symptoms
appear at 57 MHz. Cancer may enter the body when the
frequency falls below 42 MHz. The process of dying
begins at 25 MHz. and goes to zero at death. (Facts
taken from Dr. David Stewart’s book “Healing Oils of
the Bible”.)

Take two minutes to watch this video and see for yourself. And let’s remember to hold our tongues and think before we speak.

Shelly Mac 😉