Get to Snoozing BEFORE School Starts!!

No snoozing in class!!

Well it’s about that time, and if your family, is like most families, EVERYONE is ready for school to start! Now being prepared is another story! And now is the best time to get back into the groove  of things! It is a known fact that kids need adequate sleep in order  to perform their best at school. We want kids alert and full of energy! Don’t make the mistake of waiting to long to readjust those internal clocks because the early alarm clock will be ringing before you know it! If  everyone hasn’t gotten on track then it won’t be a fun start to school and you may have a class snoozer! Most of us take advantange of sleeping in during summer break and if  you’re like my kids and I bedtime tends to get later and later during summer time. So most importantly in getting back to school mode,  is getting back into the proper sleeping routine. I want to share some of the most helpful tips and advice I have come across over the last couple of years. 🙂

  • First off let your kids know how important it is for them to get the proper amount of sleep and let them know that you too will be getting more sleep or making adjustments for the changing schedule. Setting a good example is always very important, even when it comes to good sleep habits!
  • Be aware of the days activities and their diet. Make sure they are getting some kind of exercise ( you know wear their butts out!) and eat well during the day.  You don’t want them snacking to late and limit the caffiene and sugar intake especially after lunch time.
  • Establish a bedtime routine and be consistant with it, even through the weekends. Letting  kids get invloved and making some choices helps them adjust to the change more eagerly. I let mine choose the order of things and what books we read. Just make sure you are doing wind down activities, No tv, computers or video games these are to stimulating, cut these out about an hour beforehand.
  • And last of all make it a goal for them to get into the routine  and reward them for it when they do!!! Keep in mind that it should be a gradual change, you want to move up bedtime by 15 minutes each night. School age children on an average need anywhere from 9-11 hours of sleep a night. Ideally you want to be in your new routine almost a couple of weeks before school starts!! So let’s get to snoozing!! Here is a basic sleep chart for the different ages. 

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