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July 30, 2012

Shots that are GOOD for you!


Have you ever gone to your favorite juice or smoothie bar and ordered a wheat grass shot on the side? If not, you should be.

As a dietary supplement, wheat grass is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that combat cancer, anemia, diabetes, constipation, infections, and skin conditions. Not to mention blood cleansing and oxygenating chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll has also been linked to healthy blood production, detoxification, and wound healing. It alkalizer the body and if you’re a meat eater. That’s huge because meat creates tons of acid in the body that can lead to and facilitate illness.

As a person that tries to eat gluten free I wondered how much wheat in in a wheat grass shot.  The answer; a minute amount.  It could affect you, or not.  Because it’s so concentrated you’ll know right away if your allergic if you experience headaches or slight nausea.

The juice is best taken on an empty stomach at 3oz or less at a time since it doesn’t mix well with other foods. You get used to the taste but also can ask for an orange slice or an apple juice chaser. At about $2.50 an ounce I know I’ll be bellying up to the bar. Juice bar that is!

Try a shot that is good for you!

Shelly Mac

July 12, 2012

Skincare you can trust!

When choosing skincare, marketing experts will tell you that most women are attracted to a few common things. Packaging, smell, texture of the product and how it feels on the skin. Surprisingly, things like results and importance of ingredients used are far down the list.

Rhonda Allison Skincare not only meets the top 3 things women look for, but all of the above. These are products I personally feel very good about putting on my skin. No artificial or synthetic colors, perfumes, or preservatives are used in her formulations. Good to know since those are the top 3 things causing sensitivity.
All preservatives are essential oils, plant derived, or safe FDA approved ingredients.

Using the science of chirality, this cosmeceutical line uses only pure, fresh, natural and organic ingredients that deliver the results we desire!
One of the many reasons I chose Rhonda Alllison products in my own skincare practice. Learn more here

Shelly Mac

July 11, 2012

Creative Munchies!

Hi everybody it’s Sandy C. I hope you are having a great summer. If  your are parent I hope you are enjoying all the craziness and busy times that goes along with summer break, from camps, vacations to cookouts! Speaking of cookouts I just wanted to quickly share a couple of creative ideas to take to the next barbeque! Remember  how I said one sure way to get your little ones to eat and try new healthy foods was to be creative! Use that imagination! These two are super cute ideas! And of course they are healthy, fun projects for you and the kids to do together! ENJOY!! 

Take a couple of tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, black olives,
 some fresh greens, and voila!   How cute is this?
The horns, eyes and spots are cut from black olives.
This is from Growing Organic, Eating Organic  Love this page!

And a fruity oasis!! How simple is this! Just slice a banana, and use yummy kiwi and orange slices!

July 10, 2012


Hey everyone!

I wanted to touch base with everyone. It has been a few weeks since I have blogged and some of you have been emailing wondering what is next for me. Well my June month was crazy busy, but now I have a slow July. (Which is good for me, trying to play catch up!) I am just training my clients and going to acting/hosting school this month. I do have a few fitness and Healthy Housewives photoshoots as well but what is really exciting for me this month is that I will be shooting a cover and a feature for VIVA GLAM Magazine!

Katarina Van Derham (editor-in-chief) of VIVA GLAM magaizne asked me if I wanted to do a feature and a cover for an upcoming issue. I hadn’t heard of this magazine before her email. I went online and researched it and I LOVED what I saw. The magazine is 60’s and 70’s inspired glamour meets high fashion. It is a Bridget Bardot feel to it. I loved that era and her! I emailed Katarina back and said yes, yes, and yes! This is so different than my normal fitness stuff. I love shooting stuff that is out of my norm. So Katarina and I emailed back and forth on ideas. She said she wanted to put me in a retro swimsuit for the feature. Excited about that! I will be tweeting and Facebooking the shoot for you. I know alot of you say you love the behind the scene pics. I do too. I like the making of things. It is a whole production.

Please check out the website. You won’t be dissappointed!

Marzia Prince