It was my first time at the Ronnie Coleman this year, an NPC bodybuilding, figure, and bikini competition. The judges called out the competitors out in third, second, then first place. To myself, I could at least look as the girl in third, right?

Watching the girls step on stage one by one, make their turns, and walk off thanking the judges, I thought, “How the heck do they stay so diciplined and diet for so long (12 weeks for most) to get like that? Who would WANT to do that? Hmmmm…….could I do that?

So three months later here I am almost 40, one week away from my first bikini competittion. Yes, I’m puttting on a bikini and standing next to girls half my age and saying, “How do I measure up?”

I’ve dieted for 12 weeks! Er…..ok, 8, and its kicking my butt! I’m tired, sore and oh yes the dreams about food are great too. So here goes nothing! See you in a week my good friend chips and queso!

Shelly Mac

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