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June 19, 2012


I’m still in shock over winning this weekend at the2012 Lonestar Classic. I worked so hard and would’ve been happy with winning the masters bikini. Which I did place first. Then when first callouts were made in the open (18 and up), they called number 131…..131, huh? No one was moving, I looked down at my number. Oh, 131, thats me! I could hear Marzia out there in the audience screaming”Yay!!! Go Shelly!”
That’s called “prejudging” in the morning at 8am you check in and wait for your category, take your turn and come back at 6pm for the night show when they will offically place you and give out the trophies.

Phew! Ok, time to eat a banana and go home and rest. I drive home, can’t rest. So I strap on those 5 inch heels and start practicing for the night show.

I’m even more nervous because family and friends are coming. Masters is up first before open bikini. They call all the numbers and I won!! I’m thinking wow I worked so hard, I did good!

I can’t wait to take off these heels!! Intermission is ten minutes then I’m on again with the open group. I’d be happy with 3rd place really. Against 25 girls all younger than me. Some by 20 years or more. They call out the top 5. Yay!! I’m called.. They call out 5th place, phew I’m not 5th, 4th, 3rd or even 2nd. I placed first in the open!! Wow I’m shocked and I can hear my friends and family going crazy out there. Hoping I don’t fall.
Can I take off these heels yet? Nope. Time for the all around. Best bikini in the place. I stand next to the short class first place winner. The judge calls out, “ladies face the back, ladies walk to the back, ladies turn around and walk to the front. Twice! The suspense is killing me. And the all around winner is number 131!!

I’m putting my face in my hands shaking my head. I’m so grateful and proud of all my hard work and support I received from family and friends. How do you pose with a sword? I don’t know but I did. lol

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Will I do it again? Probably, but for now I’m going to see an old friend named cheese 😉

Shelly Mac

June 12, 2012


Hey Everyone!

This Wed, June 13th at 8 pm central time I will be doing a radio interview with REAL TALK. So excited. OH, and guess what? It will be LIVE! So that means you guys can chat with me and ask questions during that time. I can’t wait to chat with you guys This will be fun!

You can check the REAL TALK FB page at

To watch the show LIVE, please go to

The show will start at 8 pm, I should be on around 8:30 pm or so.

To creat username and partiipate in chat:

Thank you! Looking forward to talking with REAL TALK and chatting with you guys!
Marzia Prince

June 12, 2012


It was my first time at the Ronnie Coleman this year, an NPC bodybuilding, figure, and bikini competition. The judges called out the competitors out in third, second, then first place. To myself, I could at least look as the girl in third, right?

Watching the girls step on stage one by one, make their turns, and walk off thanking the judges, I thought, “How the heck do they stay so diciplined and diet for so long (12 weeks for most) to get like that? Who would WANT to do that? Hmmmm…….could I do that?

So three months later here I am almost 40, one week away from my first bikini competittion. Yes, I’m puttting on a bikini and standing next to girls half my age and saying, “How do I measure up?”

I’ve dieted for 12 weeks! Er…..ok, 8, and its kicking my butt! I’m tired, sore and oh yes the dreams about food are great too. So here goes nothing! See you in a week my good friend chips and queso!

Shelly Mac