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April 23, 2012

Colostrum: The “super supplement”

I’m sure most of you know what colostrum is. The fluid produced by mammals during the first few milkings. It builds the immune system and provides nutrients, including growth factors, and therefore is vital to the health of children. Bovine colostrum is molecularly identical to human colostrum.

Three recent studies suppport bovine colostrum as highly beneficial to humans. Some health benefits include increased energy, increased ability of the body to burn fat, acceleration of injury healing; including significant anti-aging properties and is seen to promote longevity.

Studies that included athletic performance show; retained energy after intensive training, higher performance levels, fewer signs of fatigue, and increased peak aneroebic power.

So far there have been no significant side effects reported, including lactose intolerant users.

Local dairy farmers carry raw colostrum and it would need to be refridgerated and consumed in a short amount of time. Processed colostrum comes from hundreds of cows and has a broader spectrum of immune factores. Pasture fed cows have a higher range of immunites. Also, make sure thy are pesticide, anitbiotic and rBst free. Powdered froms are best because heat can alter the structure in tablet forms. To learn more on how colostrum and help you reach your goals click here:


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