Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Hey! Happy St. Patrick’s Day this weekend! This is one  holiday I always enjoy celebrating. First of all  I always wear green! ( I don’t wanna take any chances of getting pinched by just anybody! 😉 and secondly I have been known to enjoy a green beverage or two! I’m talking about a shot of wheat grass and a green smoothie! LOL!   Anyway, since my kiddos are  Irish I like to get them involved in the celebration too. This is a perfect day to get your little leperchauns to EAT THEIR GREENS!. Make it a fun day and get the kids involved in planning  green meals for the day or surprise them with everything green to eat.  Another idea is to introduce or challenge your family to try new healthy  green vegetables!  This is your chance to try a new healthy green dish that you wouldn’t typically make. When getting kids to try new foods or other healthy behaviors I find two things that work best are making a game out of it or giving them  a challenge. Challenges work best at my house, especially with twins, nobody wants to be outdone!! But most importantly remember to lead by example, your not going to get anybody to try  a brussel sprout if you don’t eat  YOUR brussel sprouts!!

 So here are some menu ideas to make your plates full of green!      

Breakfast: Start the day off with something fun that almost every kid has heard of GREEN EGGS! These are easily made by finely chopping up some fresh spinach then  saute it to the consistancy that your kids like and mix in with scambled eggs or  into an omlette. Serve with my guys favorite fruit…  green kiwi slices 🙂

Lunch: A green spinach tortilla filled with Mashed avacados, chopped green peppers, fresh chives and chopped green cucumbers,    and fresh spinach or lettuce with a touch of green goddess dressing. Add any other green goodies your heart desires! 🙂  Serve with a handful of green grapes. And try a Shamrock smoothie made with spinach, spirulina, greek yogurt, and  bananas.

Dinner: Try a creative green pasta dish! You can use green pasta or a green brocolli pesto to give you the color! Here’s one that I think looks tasty!   http://blogs.babble.com/family-kitchen/2010/11/12/easy-healthy-kale-walnut-pesto

Or make the kids favorite a mean green Mac and Cheese!  http://foodwithkidappeal.blogspot.com/2010/03/green-food-st-patricks-day-recipe.html

So come Saturday Eat your Greens!     Have a Great Day!    And Luck of the Irish to Ya!   From Sandy C. 😉

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