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Sorry I am a week late and the Oscars are old news now but I wanted to share this with you.

Green fashion and sustainable fashion are different terms used to create and produce a product with consideration to the environmental and social impact for its carbon footprint.There are many factors when considering the sustainability of a material.  The renew ability and the source of a fiber-the process of how a raw fiber is turned into a textile and the working conditions of the people producing the materials-which leads to the materials total carbon footprint.  There are at least 8,000 chemicals used to turn raw material into textile and 25% of the world’s pesticides are used to grow non-organic cotton.  This process causes irreversible damage to people and our environment.There are some new facilities around the world that are using recycled or reclaimed fibers from scraps of fabrics collected from clothing factories,which are processed back into short fibers for spinning into new yarn.  I’m not saying you have to be a hemp wearing hippy, you just need to care about the impact of your style and try to make a difference in some way no matter how small.

Many designers now are using bamboo fibers which are grown without pesticides and organic cotton which uses no toxic pesticides and no chemical fertilizers.  Some of the designers are trying to incorporate this sustainable practices into modern clothing.  Designers such as Stella McCartney,Yotam Solomon, Rogan Gregory,Peter Ingwersen,Ali Hewson, Bono, Stewart+Brown and Summer Rayne Oakes have recently drawn attention to socially-conscious and environmentally friendly fashion.  An increasing number of Hollywood celebrities have been associated with sustainable fashion, including Natalie Portman,Cameron Diaz, Alicia Silverstone, Adrian Grenier, Jennifer Aniston and Salma Hayek. At the 2012 academy awards Natalie Portman was the only one who wore a 1954 vintage red Dior gown.  Meryl Streep wore a gold Lavin gown made from eco-certified fabric, and then their was the the Green Dress!  What was the Green Dress?  Suzy Amis Cameron (wife of James Cameron) started an annual contest that sets the challenge for creatives and designers across the globe to create a red carpet dress made from entirely sustainable fabrics. The winner was submitted by Vatentina Delfino.  It was made in Los Angeles by Birgit Muller and tailored by Angelo Santos.  What Suzy did with this green dress challenge is an amazing thing.  Like she said”itsabout choices that we make with all the products that we purchase”.  Actress Missi Pyle who won and accepted 2 Oscars for “The Artist” wore the stunning gown!  If we all make an effort to show more care for our environment and its precious resources we can all make a difference;because being healthy never goes out of style!

A few more recycled fashion ideas are wearing recycled jeans (, re-sale stores, vintage, thrift stores, and recycled markets are just a few ways you can make a huge contribution to our precious plane

Check out this great website!



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