Hey everyone it’s Shanon G. I have been doing alot of research lately about pregnancy and birth trying to get ready for the birth of my daughter in May. I came across a shocking concept (at least I was shocked!) that I wanted to share with everyone, It might sound a little strange to some of you but just hear me out, it could be something that will help you, or you will just learn something new! It’s called placenta encapsulation. Basically you take your placenta (after giving birth) and turn it into capsules that you can take orally in the weeks after you give birth. Yes you read that right-your placenta! You can either go thru the process yourself following strict instructions on dehydrating the placenta and using other ingredients to make the pills, or you can hire a certified placenta encapsulation specialist to do it for you (for around $150-300). And new mothers swear by the pills! The info that I’ve found on the capsules say they combat the “baby blues” (mood swings, sadness, anxiousness, crying spells, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping), contain your own natural hormones, balance your system, replenish depleted iron, give you more energy, lessen bleeding postnatally, been shown to increase milk production, and hasten return of uterus to pre-pregnancy state. Amazing, right?
If pills are not for you there is also another option-placentophagy, or the act of mammals eating the placenta of their young after childbirth. I have to admit that I was even more shocked by the thought of eating the placenta than turning it into pill form! If this is something you think you might be interested in here are two websites you should check out:



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