Shanon 7 months preggars

Hey everyone!

It’s Marzia Prince. I wanted to share a fun story and a couple beautiful images of my good friend Shanon Griffee.

As some of you know, The Healthy Housewive’s co-owner Shanon Griffee is 7 months preggars. She is one of the most beautiful expecting mothers I have ever met. From her down to earth personality to her natural beauty.  With any pregnancy, every woman has their own journey. I like to think of them as female war stories. Every time mothers get together to tell their pregnancy journey, you never know what is going to be said. Some good, some bad, and some very ugly! I have heard it all. But nonetheless, whatever the journey, life brings you little bundle of joy and every woman says the same thing. It was worth it.

Rewind 2 1/2  years ago to when I met Shanon Griffee. I was signing autographs at the Ronnie Coleman Classic in Texas. She had come up to me to get a picture. I thought she was so  sweet. We talked briefly and she told me she was competing in the bikini category. It was her first NPC bikini show. (I remember my first competition-NERVE RACKING!) She went on to compete that night. A few weeks later she emailed me asking to train her. We happen to live in the same town and a couple miles away from each other. I had an opening and trained her for her second competition. During her training, we became fast friends. Even our husbands became friends too. Over the next couple of years we went on trips and spent the holidays together as well. I knew I had made a life long friend.

Then last year September 2011. I had just finished working the Olympia expo for Gaspari Nutrition in Las Vegas. Shanon and her husband flew out to Las Vegas to come hang out with my husband and I after the expo. That Saturday night we decided to meet at a Mexican Restaurant and watch a Las Vegas show. We agreed on Mexican for dinner. At the table we were ordering drinks. Everyone ordered a margarita or a beer except Shanon. I looked over at her ordering water. I said “What! We are in Vegas. Order an alcoholic beverage.” She looked at me and said “I would but I am pregnant.” My mouth dropped to the floor. I was like “OMG! WHO! WHAT! WHEN! WHERE! WHY!” No, I didn’t ask all that, but I was in shock, it was totally unexpected. She got me! At the same time I was in shock, I was happy  for her. She did want a family and this was her time.

As the months go  by (and boy they go by really fast!) I watched her go through her journey some good-She shared her ultrasound dr appt with me and we got to see baby Griffee, and some bad-She had bad morning sickness for the first 3 months. But whatever day I saw her throughout her journey, she was a trooper. I have to say, I give her props for the day she hung in there for our Healthy Housewives workout DVD. It was a full 8 hour day and she was so sick from nausea form the hormones.  I wasn’t quite sure she was going to make it. But nonetheless, she did.

At 6 months, her family threw her a baby shower in California. (That is where Shanon is originally from.) Her family asked if I would fly out there and surprise her at the shower. So, I end up getting her back and surprising her that weekend. She looked confused when she saw me there. (I hope that was good! LOL!) It was a great time and was fun to meet her family.

Shanon and I at her baby shower in California.

So fast forward to last Thursday. Shanon shot her 7 month preggo shoot. I wanted her to capture her at her best with her cute baby bump before the infamous “preggo bloated look” took over her body during the last trimester. As she got made up and shot outfit after outfit, I looked at her on the set and thought “Wow, she really is glowing from the inside out!” She looked gorgeous in every outfit change.

Shanon is due in May this year and I know that all the Healthy Housewives and I wish her a beautiful and happy rest of her pregnancy. We are all eager to meet baby Griffee. Oh, and did I tell you that she is having a baby girl! Yes, a future lil healthy housewife!

Shanon, we all love you and wish you a happy healthy baby girl and a fun journey to familyhood!


One Comment to “PRETTY ‘N PREGGARS”

  1. Aw thanks girl! I feel so special!! And it was an amazing surprise for you to come to Ca. for my shower, I was so happy you got to meet my family (after talking about them for so long I was glad you could put faces to names)

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