Swap Party!

Hey everyone, it’s Shanon G. Tell me if this sounds like any of you out there- you look into your closet and say”I have nothing to wear!” Sound familiar? Well my girlfriends and I have all said this same thing so we decided to do something about it, It’s called a swap party!
A swap party offers friends the chance to clean out their closets and bring their unwanted stuff to swap with one another. Swap parties are fun, thrifty and a great way to find new things we want in exchange for things we no longer need – for free.
Why Have a Swap Party?
It’s a fun way to get something we need in exchange for something we no longer use. It’s economical, eco-friendly and a great excuse to throw a party!
Here are 10 steps to having you own swap party:
1. Decide on the date of your swap party and invite everyone that you think would have some cool clothes. The best way of doing this is with emails. In the email, make sure that you tell your friends what it’s all about.
2. Make up 3 “value spots” on a table or on the floor. Mark them as Cheap, Midprice and Expensive.
3. Create tickets for each pile (about 20 for each). Make sure you leave a spot for people to put their names. A good thing to do is go to the store and pick up 3 different colored post-it notes, one color for each pile.
4. When your partygoers arrive, tell them to put each item they have in the value spot that they think suits it best. For each item they put down, give them a corresponding ticket and tell them to put their names on each.
5. Once everyone has arrived, tell the party to put their tickets into a box.
6. Put some cool music on to keep a festive mood going.
7. Get the box of tickets and shake them all up. Reach in and pick out a ticket (you can ask random people to do this to make it more fun.)
8. Each ticket you pick will say a name and have the color of a value spot. So, for example, if a ticket says EMILY and MIDPRICE, then Emily can go and pick something from the Midprice pile.
9. When Emily has chosen her item she sits down and the cycle repeats.
10. If Emily chooses an item that somebody else really wants then they must object. If there is an objection then you can play a game such as rock, paper, scissors to see who gets the item.


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