Love them like family, feed them like family

I don’t have any kids, but I do have a baby. His name is Ozzy and he’s 6 pounds of pure energy! A Valentine gift from my husband at 10 weeks and less than a pound.

Having had dogs in the past that suffered from ear and skin allergies, (and my hundreds of wasted dollars in vet bills and steroid shots), I wanted to be extra careful what I fed this little guy. Also, I didn’t want to poke him with needles of unnessary vacciations.

I searched in my area for a holistic vet. Yes, they do exisist! And also at my local pet store for something better. Right there on the shelf in front of my face I see, wheat, soy, and corn free. Just like me!

Buffalo Blue, food for all stages of life and ymmy treats too. He loves it and I feel good about giving him something that’s not full of preservatives, and junk by-products. With the philosophy that “we don’t own our pets, they are family members and companions…” They love their pets as much as we love ours.
Read the Blue Story at

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