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January 24, 2012


Hey everyone! It’s Marzia Prince. I just want to thank everyone for all the wonderful support out there we are getting from you guys! I love reading all your emails and hearing your feedback. Many people keep asking what we are doing next so I decided to give you guys some of the events we are doing this year. I can’t give away everything, but I will reveal some fun things we are doing. We have an action packed year ahead of us and I can’t wait!! So here it is:


Schedule of events:

Wed, Feb 1st: Kalliope Pappas HH shoot. The 5th and final housewife will be shot and added to our site. Can’t wait for you guys to meet her! She is a spicy one!

Sun, Feb 19th: PHCRTV– A healthy TV show that wants to interview the Healthy Housewives for one episode similar to The View type of show. We will talk about our specialties and he will ask questions about our upcoming year, health, fitness, charities we are involved in and our reality show.

Thurs-Sun, March 1st-4th: Arnold Sport Festival: I will be at the Gaspari Booth. Come see me, would love to meet you in person!

Sat, March 31st: HH at Ronnie Coleman. HH will have their first official booth. We will be there for both day and night show. In the day show, we will work at booth passing out goodies, selling our workout DVD’s, and sign autographs. For the night show, we will be presenters. Come by and say hi! We would love to meet you in person!

Thurs & Fri, June 21st and 22nd: ALIVE award show and convention. HH ladies got nominated for an “ALIVE Lifestyle” award in New York. Would love for you to come to NY! Lot’s of fun stuff going on. This is a star studded celebrity event! check it out here:

Other topics TBD:

Shanon HH pregnancy shoot: We are waiting for Shanon to be 7 months preggars so we can do some fun fitness and lifestyle pregnancy looks. She is 6 months pregnant and she is barely showing. We need to see baby bump! (Yes, she is the HOT pregnant chic that looks fab pregnant!)

HH new ad campaign shoot: I can’t tell you but it is going to be HOT!

January 24, 2012

Love them like family, feed them like family

I don’t have any kids, but I do have a baby. His name is Ozzy and he’s 6 pounds of pure energy! A Valentine gift from my husband at 10 weeks and less than a pound.

Having had dogs in the past that suffered from ear and skin allergies, (and my hundreds of wasted dollars in vet bills and steroid shots), I wanted to be extra careful what I fed this little guy. Also, I didn’t want to poke him with needles of unnessary vacciations.

I searched in my area for a holistic vet. Yes, they do exisist! And also at my local pet store for something better. Right there on the shelf in front of my face I see, wheat, soy, and corn free. Just like me!

Buffalo Blue, food for all stages of life and ymmy treats too. He loves it and I feel good about giving him something that’s not full of preservatives, and junk by-products. With the philosophy that “we don’t own our pets, they are family members and companions…” They love their pets as much as we love ours.
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