Four legged family members


Hello everyone! It’s Shanon G. I hope everyone had a fantastic and blessed Christmas and New Year’s! Over the holiday break I was looking thru a catalog that comes to our house every year and there were all sorts of goodies in there, but one thing really caught my eye- a home food dehydrator! Now if you are like me you probably buy the chicken jerky treats for your dog at the grocery store, right? Dogs love them! And you probably also heard about the recent risk of illness for your dog from some brands of the treats. Well this had me worried and got me thinking about making my own dog treats so I know for sure they are safe. Well after doing some research and deciding it was something feasible for me to do on my own, I ordered the dehydrator. I just made my first batch of organic chicken jerky treats for my four legged family members, and they turned out great! I also made some banana chips and next up I plan to make fruit roll ups and dehydrated strawberries. I’m sure it will take some trial and error but I am thrilled with my purchase and would recommend a home dehydrator to anyone wanting to make healthy treats for themselves and their furry family members šŸ™‚

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