Eco friendly nursery

Hey everyone, it’s Shanon G. I recently finished the nursery for my baby girl that’s due in May and I wanted to share how I did an eco-friendly and very cost effective nursery in just three days! The first thing I did was find my inspiration, a nursery I found on the internet that had the style I was going for. Next I searched for the perfect fabric. I first looked thru all my linens-existing curtains, sheets, blankets, etc. When that didn’t pan out I searched craigslist, ebay, a local resales store, and finally found the fabric at a fabric store. I bought that fabric and a sheer fabric as well. Then I picked my paint- if you are pregnant I would strongly recommend having someone else paint the room, the fumes from paint (even low VOC) can be harmful to a pregnant woman. While the paint is drying I made the curtains. After the paint was dry I hung my drapes with a rod I found at a discount store. Now it was time to fill the room, so I went on craigslist and found a crib that was only $150, a bargain and recycling is great for the environment! I also found a changing table at IKEA that I assembled myself. I then searched an antique mall for accessories that fit the style I was going for. My baby nurseryWhen you find the perfect accessories then it’s time to fill the room, the fun part! I still have a few things to buy-a rocking chair, a rug, and the mattress and bedding for the crib, but altogether I spent only $580!

Okay, here are some important tips

-If you cannot sew there are fabric glues that you can use with an iron that work very well, check you local fabric store

-Ask the employee in the paint department for LOW VOC paint if possible, it’s better for the environment

-Take your fabric with you to the paint store and match it

-To make a white baby dress look antique soak it in tea for a few hours

-Have fun!


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