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December 19, 2011

Meatless Mondays!

Don’t forget! it is meatless Monday today! Here is a site that will give you a ton of protein packed recipes!

December 17, 2011

Controlling the Dancing Sugarplums

Schools Out! Christmas break has begun and so has the endless offers and gifts of holiday cookies, cakes and candy! Keeping our children healthy and active is a full time job, but it calls for double duty during the holidays.  As for this time of year kids physical activity levels are at a low and calorie level is at a high. So how as parents can we control the sweet tooths and prevent Santa bellies?

First we need to set a good example and encourage healthy choices. Encourage moderation and try not to set a negative tone about food. A good thing to do is to keep the treats for the parties and special events, discourage the random sweets at home and don’t have the extra goodies just laying around, for example I don’t hang candy canes on the Christmas tree anymore and I now fill my cute candy dishes with nuts or decorations. The holiday snacks and sweets I do have, stay in the cupboard, so they are out of site. This keeps the temptation at bay for all! Even during holiday dinners and family get togethers keeping desserts and platters of sweets  covered until after the mealtime is a good idea

When it comes to children’s parties, you  never you want to send them hungry, I always try to stuff my kids with a healthy meal beforehand even if it’s a pizza party! If you are having  the party it’s nice to put out healthy choices for them to  snack on during the party and serve a single, individual dessert or give a goodie bag of treats to-go . Another important thing is to avoid the sugary drinks, they just add more empty calories, save the sugar intake for the Santa cookie, or in my case the Peanut Butter Blossom!!! The best thing to do is make the focus on activities instead of food.  Speaking of active, I need to run! I have to finish some Christmas shopping, squeeze in a workout, and get ready for a HOLIDAY  Party! So next time I’ll talk about some activities to do with the kids to help burn off all those extra holiday calories!! Oh and I will watch the sugary drinks tonight! 😉 Sandy C

December 11, 2011



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December 7, 2011

Avocados-we all know they’re delicious, but are they good for you?

I know that avocados sometimes get a bad wrap as a food to avoid because they are high in fat, but read this article! Not only does it tell you about the many health benefits of these delicious fruits (technically fruits, but often referred to as vegetables!), but it also tells you the best way to peel an avocado for optimum nutrition, and also the best shape for ripeness!

December 5, 2011

Marzia Prince’s Workout Program!

Here is what I will be doign for the next 2 week’s! If you try it, I would love to hear your feedback! I also want to add that this is an advance workout. If you are new, do 1 or 2 sets. If you are intermediate do 2 or 3 sets. If you are advance, then this sould be a piece of cake! Have fun!

Weekly Weight Training Split

Day 1: Back/Chest/Shoulders/jump rope

Day 2: Abs/HIIT (cardio)

Day 3: Legs

Day 4: Abs/Cardio

Day 5: Bi’s/Tri’s/Shoulders/jump rope

Day 6: Rest, cardio, or yoga

Day 7: Rest, cardio, or yoga



1 warm up set of 15-20 reps for the first circuit of exercises to warm up muscles. Never lift heavy on a cold muscle! You can injure yourself.

3 sets: 1st set 20 reps/2nd set 12-15 reps/ 3rd se 8-10 reps

Lat pull downs- (Machine)

Bench press or barbell press

Dumbbell shoulder presses up

1 min jump rope

Machine or dumbbell back rows

Push ups

Dumbbell frontal raises

1 min jump rope

Dumbbell or cable reverse fly’s for back

Cable or dumbbell fly’s for chest

1 min jump rope



3 sets of abs than do HIIT

20 crunches

20 crunches with feet in air (legs straight as possible)

20 ab bicycles

20 lower leg lifts

10 roman chairs (Hold knees at top for 2-3 seconds)

30 second side planks

1 minute regular plank

HIIT-Pick a cardio machine of your choice

Warm up for 10 minutes

Then hit it for 30 seconds at full speed

Slow it down for 1 min to 1 ½ min

Then hit it again hard for 30 seconds

Slow it down for 1 min to 1 ½ min

Do this 20 times until you have completed twenty 30 sec sprints

When done, cool down for 5 minutes


10-15 minute cardio warm up is essential for legs! Also, remember to do 1 warm up set of 20 reps to activate muscles.

3 sets: 1st set 20 reps/2nd set 12-15 reps/ last set 8-10 reps

Squats (Can be machine, barbell, or hack squats)

10 jump squats

2 min jump rope

Walking lunges (Body weight with weights in hands)

10 jumping lunges

2 min jump rope

Deadlift (Barbell)

Good mornings

2min jump rope

Leg extension (Machine)

Hamstring curls (Machine)

Calves (Machine)

2 min jump rope




4 sets

20 Bosu ball crunches

20 half bicycles on bosu (Each side)

20 balancing bosu crunches

20 v-sit ups

20 standing oblique crunches

Roman chair knee hold

20 swiss ball planks

60 minutes of cardio-Pick 3 machines of your choice. For example-20 min stepmill, 20 min run,20 min bike. It works different muscle groups as well as your heart!



Please do 1 warm up set of 15-20 reps for the first circuit of exercises to warm up muscles. Never lift heavy on a cold muscle!

3 sets: 1st set 20 reps/2nd set 12-15 reps/ 2 set 8-10 reps

Dumbbell bicep curls

Dumbbell tricep extensions

Dumbbell shoulder press

3 min jump rope

Cable bicep curls

Cable tricep extensions

Cable frontal raises (shoulders)

3 min jump rope

20 Arm circles forward and back (small muscle groups)

3 min jump rope




December 1, 2011

Eco friendly nursery

Hey everyone, it’s Shanon G. I recently finished the nursery for my baby girl that’s due in May and I wanted to share how I did an eco-friendly and very cost effective nursery in just three days! The first thing I did was find my inspiration, a nursery I found on the internet that had the style I was going for. Next I searched for the perfect fabric. I first looked thru all my linens-existing curtains, sheets, blankets, etc. When that didn’t pan out I searched craigslist, ebay, a local resales store, and finally found the fabric at a fabric store. I bought that fabric and a sheer fabric as well. Then I picked my paint- if you are pregnant I would strongly recommend having someone else paint the room, the fumes from paint (even low VOC) can be harmful to a pregnant woman. While the paint is drying I made the curtains. After the paint was dry I hung my drapes with a rod I found at a discount store. Now it was time to fill the room, so I went on craigslist and found a crib that was only $150, a bargain and recycling is great for the environment! I also found a changing table at IKEA that I assembled myself. I then searched an antique mall for accessories that fit the style I was going for. My baby nurseryWhen you find the perfect accessories then it’s time to fill the room, the fun part! I still have a few things to buy-a rocking chair, a rug, and the mattress and bedding for the crib, but altogether I spent only $580!

Okay, here are some important tips

-If you cannot sew there are fabric glues that you can use with an iron that work very well, check you local fabric store

-Ask the employee in the paint department for LOW VOC paint if possible, it’s better for the environment

-Take your fabric with you to the paint store and match it

-To make a white baby dress look antique soak it in tea for a few hours

-Have fun!