Tell the truth-do you wash your fruit and veggies??

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to ask you a question-do you wash your fruit and veggies? I ask because for a long time I was one of the many who would quickly rinse my produce with water and put it right back in the fridge. Bad idea! After doing a little research I realized our healthy and nutritious produce can be covered in pesticides, dirt, wax (yes wax!), human perspiration, oil, and exhaust fumes from shipping and transport. Um, ew! I was disgusted, and I realized that water alone is not enough to clean produce, I needed something stronger. I went on a search for a natural and effective fruit and veggie wash that would remove this nasty stuff. I found VEGGIE WASH, a fruit and vegetable wash that cleans all my goodies without leaving a smell or taste on my produce. It uses natural ingredients to get my produce truly clean and it gives instruction on how to clean different types of fruits and veggies too. I would recommend everyone get your own fruit and vegetable wash, and no not just any soap or detergent will work, it needs to be specifically for fruits and veggies! I hope this was enlightening for you all out there like it was for me, and if you want more info check out the article below. Have a great and healthy day all!

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